Aleppo Celebrates World Music Day

The Theater and Music Directorate in cooperation with Aleppo branch of Artists’ Syndicate held on Sunday a festivity marking World Music Day that included eastern and western musical compositions.

“The festivity is a message from Aleppo, the city of peace and amity, to the world saying that the city has recovered from terrorism and resumed its cultural and civilizational activity and vivacity, particularly as Aleppo has produced many prominent musicians who left an important imprint in the history of Arab music memory, according to Jaber al-Sajour, Director of the National Theater in Aleppo.

The National Band for Arab Music revives the legacy of musician Abdel Fattah Sukkar in an evening in Dar Al-Assad

Within the plan of the Culture Ministry to honor musical and artistic exceptional personalities, and in recognition of the legacy he presented to the Syrian and Arab song, Dar Al-Assad for Culture and Arts honored the late musician Abdel-Fattah Sukkar through an artistic concert performed by the Syrian National Band for Arab Music led by Maestro Adnan Fathallah.

The band selected a variety of songs composed by Sukkar through different time periods, each song narrates a musical tale from memory and various forms he had  presented during his long and rich artistic history. The audience enjoyed listening to the singers Asim Sukkar, Alissar Al-Saeed, Rayan Jarira, Ghazwan Al-Zaeem and Hiba Fahma, singing heritage songs composed by the late artist.

Heritage handicrafts and paintings in an exhibition in Al-Qamishli cultural centre

Hand-embroidered and folkloric clothes, in addition to a set of heritage tools and paintings, were among the most important exhibits of the the artistic heritage exhibition hosted by the Arab Cultural Center in Qamishli in cooperation with the United Nations Development Fund.

In a statement to SANA, Faiza Al-Qadri, director of Al-Qamishli cultural centre, stated that the artistic and heritage exhibits displayed in the exhibition embodied the uniqueness and achievements of the Syrian woman during her long history. The exhibits of the woman's products were handcrafted away from machine work as the embroideries and the folk clothes displayed the folkloric character, civilization, and history of the ancient region.

Damascus History Foundation Signs an Agreement with Wikipedia to Improve the Damascene Historical Digital Content

Damascus History  Foundation has signed an agreement with (Wikipedia of the Levant) with the aim of improving the digital content related to the history of the city of Damascus on the Arabic global Wikipedia .. 

According to a statement published by  Damascus History Foundation on its website, it will make a  historical review of any  content of the city on the Wikipedia site , correct every mistake it contains, and provide the site's administrators  with historical information about Damascene events and personalities.

Heritage Loom Revived in Lattakia

Handloom weaving  is a traditional craft for which the Syrians have been famous for thousands of years. It has a special artistic imprint that gives it unique identity.

Within the framework of the initiatives launched by the National Association for Tourism Developments in Syria to revive the handloom weaving heritage , the Syrian plastic artist Ali Hmaisheh in Lattakia province has  adopted a new idea in terms of technique and tools aiming to revive this key heritage craft in a new artistic method..