'Candles of Bestowal' Fest. Honors Local and Foreign Dignitaries, Institutions Contributed to Confronting Terror War on Syria

Whispers Group in cooperation with several public, private and civil parties organized Sunday a festival in the Damascus Opera House where many Syrian and Foreign dignitaries and institutes that contributed to confronting the terror war on Syria were honored.

The festival, entitled 'Candles of Bestowal', also included a caricature exhibition showing Arab inaction against the hegemony of the United States that claims fighting terrorism while it supports it by all means, according to the Syrian Arab News Agency (SANA).

Romania hosts exhibition featuring Syria's civilization

Syrian Embassy in Romania and Syrian Tourism Ministry have organized a big  Syrian tourist and cultural activity in a library in Baia Mare municipality.

The activity, kicked off last Thursday, includes an exhibition depicting Syria's civilizations, culture and ancient monuments, according to the Syrian Arab News Agency (SANA).

Training Workshops on Handicrafts Threatened by Extinction

Within the framework of its strategy aiming at reviving  and protecting traditional industries, the Ministry of Tourism  in cooperation with  the Syrian National commission for UNESCO, recently launched training workshops on handcrafts threatened by extinction. The workshops were launched within the project of the National Program for Sustainable Development of handicrafts.

The training workshops, which will last till May 27, are being held at the handicrafts market shops in Takiyeh al Sulaymaniyah and at the glass market in Bab Sharqi area.

Syria, Russia to Produce Film Entitled 'Palmyra'

Syria and Russia are due to start shooting a film entitled 'Tadmour' [Palmyra] by the end of this year in accordance with an agreement signed today in Moscow between the Syrian 'Shaghaf' Company and the Russian 'Pro-line Media' Company.

According to the Syrian Arab News Agency (SANA), the film  is the first joint production between Syria and Russia and it will be screened by the end of 2019.

The agency quoted Russian Culture Minister Vladimir Medinsky as saying: "We are happy because our Syrian partners will participate in shooting the film…The current events in the Middle East are important for the whole world as the international peace has become fragile and the responsibility has become now bigger than ever."

India Cultural Days in Damascus

DAMASCUS, (ST)- In consolidation of the Syrian-Indian cultural ties, the Syrian Ministry of Culture in cooperation with the Indian Council for Cultural Relations and the Indian Embassy in Damascus on Sunday opened the India Cultural days at the Opera House in Damascus.

 The activities of the event started with opening a photo exhibition  in which some photos depicted the spiritual values and meaning of the Himalaya Mounts in the Indian culture while some others identified Indian antiquities, temples and monuments. The opening ceremony also included folkloric dance, musical; and theatrical performances and an exhibition of handicrafts of which India is famous.