A Pinch of Black Pepper over White Jasmine

Damascus, ST_ The Lebanese poetess, and TV presenter Dr. Abir Charara, has signed her poems collection entitled “Black Pepper”, in the capital of Jasmine, Damascus, under the auspices of the Ministry of Culture, on the 31st of March.

The occasion was marked by Dr. Charara reading a beautiful selection of her poems from “Black Pepper”, in the Arabic Cultural Center, Abu Rumana. She has initiated the reading by a poem dedicated to Damascus, the city she loves.

Followed by, a reading of her inaugural poem “Not a prelude’, which I have translated a part for our Anglophone audience:

“In my spare hours, I don’t find a café bearing my words

Cafés are for absence and absentness

Or for sober words

Embellished embroidered words

(Bliss sleep)

(Nice dreams)

I don’t find what to fill with my soul and emptiness

Not even Black pepper could be enough

To change the taste of this deceptive world”

​Syrian’s Endless Stories with Creativity


DAMASCUS, (ST)- The long years of war have not been able to destroy life and hope in this land, which is as old as creation itself, and even could not uproot the spirit of resistance, hope and creativity from the souls of its sons.

Syrians have endless stories with creativity, they have proven that they are always present strongly in all fields of science and creativity over the world.

The Syria Times e-newspaper hosted one of these Syrian creators who proved to the world that they are a beacon of excellence and creativity, he is Dr. Hassan. H. Alhelou. HE is a faculty member at Department of Electrical Power Engineering, Tishreen University. Dr. H. H. Alhelou won a "Publons Peer Review Award 2018, which is also called sentinels of sciences award" in category "Top 1%" in research field "Engineering". He is ranked “62nd” among the researchers around the globe in this category based on Publons global reviewer database, determined by the number of peer review reports performed during the 2017-2018 Award year. Publons' Peer Review Awards are the only cross-publisher Awards that celebrate the efforts of peer reviewers worldwide. Publons honors the engagement of the top 1% of reviewers in each of the 22 Essential Science Indicators (ESI) research fields every year.

Creativity of Syrian Woman in Arts

Women in Syria have played a significant role in defining art and giving it great importance. This can be seen through the ages, starting before the birth of Christianity and ancient civilizations, via the great statues of Ornina and Mary, which were the first point in enriching art in Syria and presenting specific thoughts of a culture that gave great importance to the female as a symbol of fertility and productivity. Starting from the beautiful female faces of the Roman monuments and mosaics that are a rich inheritance of our Syrian culture, through to the great paintings of women representing mother and child painted by the famous Syrian artist, Louay Kayally, a different meaning to motherhood began to appear in the 60’s, and is now continuing in the 21st century. The creativity of women in Syria is beginning to emerge and a spotlight is being placed on their huge role through art and life.

When Angels Play Music

A musical masterpiece in an exceptional style

Despite the pain and sorrow experienced by the Syrians during the long harsh years of the war against their country, they prove every day that they are a steadfast and civilized people and that Syria deserves life as it is the cradle of civilization, creativity and life.

The Syrian doctors, engineers and artists who work and innovate in all fields prove to the whole world that the war has only increased the Syrians' determination to live, resist and succeed, and that the Syrian people are just like the phoenix that is reborn even stronger after every burning and that the homeland of creativity will give something new every day.

 Do, Re, Mi, Fa, Sol Crew, is a living witness to the creativity of the Syrians who insist to leave good influence wherever they go.They are a group of young people studying piano at Mahmoud El Ajan Institute for Music in Lattakia. They presented an amazing piece of music that attracted the appreciation and admiration of both the audience and the jury. They play the world's music so that the world knows that we are a live and active part of it.

Cultural Festivity held in Lattakia to Honor Creative, Talented Syrian Children

"Caring about Syria’s children is a very important issue that necessitates collective efforts by the family, the society and the government as Syria’s children are the future generation who will take part effectively in rebuilding Syria, the cradle of civilizations and the land of peace, culture and art,” Assistant Minister of Culture, Eng Sanaa Al-Shawwa, said in a statement to the "Syriatimes" e-newspaper on the sideline of the “Childhood and Innovation” festivity held recently at Dar Al-Assad for Culture in Lattakia province.

The event, held by the Child Culture Directorate of the Culture Ministry, aimed to honor the winner children from Lattakia who had participated in the ministry’s annual artistic and culture competitions. Participants in the competitions were children aged 7-17 years representing all the Syrian provinces.

Among honored winners from Lattakia province were children of martyrs as well as some children with special needs.

 Al-Shawwa pointed out that these competitions are held annually starting from the Ministry's keenness on supporting children’s artistic, cultural and innovative skills and on crystallizing their talents.

She made it clear that the competitions covered the art of painting, calligraphy, in addition to story, poetry and essay writing as well as photography.

Malak Yassin, Head of the Child’s Culture Directorate at the Ministry of Culture, on her part told Syriatimes that "this festivity is of great importance to send out a strong message to the entire world that Syria’s children are still creative, skillful and talented and are determined to overcome all the hardships they have faced during the long years of the sever crisis.”