War and peace through Syrian children's eyes

The 'Martyr' Institute and the Russian Development and Cooperation Center held Saturday an exhibition entitled 'War and Peace through children's eyes'.

The exhibition, which was held within the activities of the 'Homeland's Flag' Festival in the cultural center in Marmaretta area in Homs province, included 80 paintings by Homs children, who had won prizes for those works in Russia four months ago.

Former French ambassador proves Syria is victim of conspiracy

The former French Ambassador Michele Raimbaud has proved in his bold book entitled 'Storm on the Greater Middle East' [Tempête Sur Le Grand Moyen-Orient] that Syria is victim of conspiracy hatched in the west.

The book, which was translated by Dr. Lubana Mshaweh, includes 14 chapters about the roots and backgrounds of the so-called the 'Arab Spring', the role of some Arab regimes in promoting it, the political Islamic movements supported by the west and the Justice and Development Party Government in Turkey, the war on Syria, the spread of armed terrorism and the Russian-Chinese confrontation of the U.S. hegemony.

Syrian army fights 500.000 well-versed terrorists simultaneously on 462 fronts - Kuwaiti researcher

Member of the Kuwait National Assembly Dr. Abdulhamid Abbas Deshti has affirmed that the Syrian Arab Army is fighting over half a million gunmen, who are well-versed in guerrilla warfare, simultaneously on 462 fronts and it achieves victory over forces using hit -and-run tactics.

He said in his 391-page book entitled " The story of conflict over Syria" that the Syrian Arab army will gain more than what it has lost in the demographic war as the UNRWA's recent statistics show that the number of Syrian refugees fleeing the 'paradise of opposition groups' freedom' is two times higher than the number of Syrian refugees abroad.

The Kuwaiti writer confirmed that the war on Syria started in 1979 when it allied with Iran after the Iranian Islamic revolution achieved victory over Shah, according to the Tishreen newspaper.

"The late President Hafez al-Assad realized the meaning of Iran's move from the bosom of west to independence. So he allied with it and became the enemy of America which had waged overt war against the Iranian revolution…. The relations between Syria and Iran has enhanced since the late president Hafez al-Assad  refused Camp David Accords and the fragmentation of Lebanon" Dr.  Deshti said.

50 sculptures depict Syrians' challenge to terror war against Syria

The Ministries of Culture and Tourism held yesterday an art exhibition in the "Dama Rose" Hotel in Damascus entitled ' the Pulse of silence' .

The one-week exhibition included 50 art works by the sculptor Afif Agha depicting the Syrian people's challenge to the terror war being waged against Syria since 2011, according to the official news agency (SANA).

The agency quoted Mr. Afif Agha as saying that the though of holding the exhibition had come to his mind since the start of the terror war against Syria and he began to implement it since the last year.

International Education Exhibition kicks off in Damascus

Over 60 universities, institutes and learning, teaching, scientific, training and language centers are taking part in the International Education Exhibition kicked off Tuesday in the 'Dama Rose' Hotel in Damascus.

The three-day exhibition is being held under the title ' learn today…. lead tomorrow' and it includes several symposiums and lectures of strategic goals that aim to build the future of Syria, according to the official news agency (SANA).