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Syrian Artist Massa Abu Jeib among Ten Outstanding Young Persons in World

DAMASCUS- An exceptional model embodied by the young plastic artist, Massa Abu Jeib, who has been chosen lately as one of the world’s ten most distinguished youths within the “Ten Outstanding Young Persons of the World (TOYP)” which is organized by the Junior Chamber International (JCI).

According to SANA, Massa enjoys creative sense that made her reach this status, represented by a number of initiatives for children and loaded with the values of love, peace and effective human action.

Resistance is culture and draws world political map

Because word can be stronger than bullet and because resistance is a thinking and culture, Damascus has hosted the 3rd resistance forum in the Damascus Opera House.

The three-day forum, kicked off Sunday under the slogan 'Resistance is Culture and Belongingness',  is a retaliation for Takfiri thinking that targeted Syria and its culture, according to Deputy Minister of Culture Tawfiq al-Imam, who asserted that the participation of Arab intellectuals in the forum reflects their support for Syria in its war against terrorism. 

While member of Hezbollah's Politburo Hasan Hobbollah said that the culture of resistance represents the spirit of nation. "Lebanon's experience has proved that we have no other choice but to confront the Zionist occupation in order to liberate the occupied lands and to restore rights. The inevitable destiny of resistance is victory no matter how long it takes”.

On his part, the political analyst Dr. Mohannad al-Zaher affirmed that the axis of resistance has started to draw the world political map in accordance with national interests after the  disclosure of the reality of the so-called the' Arab spring’.

Secretary-General of the Palestinian Popular Struggle Front (PPSF) Khalid Abdul Majed asserted that Palestinian freedom fighters and heroes of Syrian Arab army defend the honest Arabs.

Mahmoud El - Ajan Institute for Music in Focus

Mahmoud El - Ajan Institute is one of the cultural landmarks that was created in the time of crisis in defiance of terrorism which is trying to obliterate our ancient civilization. It aims to prove to the whole world that our culture is stronger than their bullets ­­­­­and our music is stronger than their ignorance.

The Syria Times visited the Institute in Lattakia and met Mrs. Kauthar Hermelani, the institute director, who said:" The opening of the Institute in 2014, in the midst of the crisis in which the country was living, is a great challenge by the Ministry of Culture to prove that Syria is still the cradle of culture and art. In parallel, two new institutes were opened, namely Abdul Kareem Deeb Institute in Homs and Najeeb Al-Sarraj Institute in Hama. Thus, no injustice, no terrorism, whatever it is, will be able to obliterate Syria's culture and civilization as it is as old as history itself".

Mrs. Hermelani went on to say :" Although it is newly established, the institute has proved a highly and an outstanding professional presence. We started with 122 students within specific classes for learning piano, violin and some Oriental instruments, including lute and zither.

Later, the number of students increased to 450 and  the number of the teachers has also increased leading to a diversity in the musical disciplines that have been taught at the Institute. Over the past three years, we have opened new classes to teach trumpet and dramas.

During 2017, we held a special celebration marking the foundation of the Institute. This was the first professional ceremony of the institute's students.

In parallel with our institute, the Directorate of Musical Institutes and Ballet opened last year a project called "Together for Music". This project is a one-time summer activity.

Al-Saleh to ST: Big Turnout for 29th Book Fair in Damascus Proves Syrian's Eagerness to Restore Active Cultural Life

Director of the al-Assad National Library Saleh al-Saleh has said the increase in the number of participants in the 29th Book Fair being held in Damascus and the remarkably big turnout distinguish this session from the previous one held last year after a four-year hiatus.

"More than 150 publishing houses are showing 100.000 book titles this year, and this number of titles is very good in book fairs," he told the Syriatimes e-newspaper's reporter Wednesday, asserting that there were a lot of pavilion reservations by many publishing houses in several countries, but they were cancelled because of political pressure practiced on them by the government of these countries.

Al-Attar Opens 29th Book Fair in Damascus

DAMASCUS, (ST)- Under the patronage of President Bashar al-Assad, Vice-President Dr. Najah al-Attar opened Wednesday the 29th Book Fair at al-Assad Library in Damascus, the Syria Arab News Agency (SANA) reported.

The opening ceremony of the fair, which will last till August 12th , was  attended by several officials and ambassadors.

It was followed by a statement given by Dr. Attar to journalists.

"In your names and in my own name, I salute President Bashar al-Assad, the Syrian Arab army and the martyrs' souls. It is a great event to celebrate the foundation of our army under the leadership of its brave commander," she said, asserting that holding the book fair would not have been possible without the sacrifices of Syrian Arb army which is fighting terrorists nationwide.