A Music Workshop in Lattakia

The Directorate of Conservatories and Ballet with cooperation of Culture Ministry has recently held a music workshop in Mahmoud al-Ajan Music Institute in Lattakia.

Participants in the workshop focused on the strategy pursued by the Directorate of Conservatories and Ballet  in developing and standardizing curriculum in its affiliated institutes all over the governorates so as to get the best results through  the constant training programs.

How to identify music in general, the implications of music , the types and pitches of sounds as well as the quartet and quintet  musical categories and the musical scales, which are composed of these categories, are among  the most important topics  discussed during the 3-day workshop.


Barada is the Paradise River Since the beginning of life on Earth God had created to each of His creatures another one that associates with.

 So when God created Adam He created Eve for him to mix with and construct life on Earth together. Here on this Earth where we live , when God created Barada River He created Damascus for it.

Syrian diplomat elaborates what happened from1916 to 1946

A Syrian diplomat has written a book entitled 'Syria 1916-1946.. Way to Freedom' in order to document mandate period and to answer the following question: Have Syrian people achieved freedom by olive branch only?

Walid al-Moallem, Minister of Expatriates and Foreign Affairs, has explained in his book results of Sykes-Picot Agreement, the mandate for Syria and other agreements signed to draw artificial boundaries that has nothing to do with historical and geographical facts.

He said in the preface that the book is an open invitation to historians and analysts to record and analyze this period [ 1916-1946]from Syrian history as it is impossible to understand the present without reading the past.

"It is an attempt to answer essential question: have Syrian people achieved freedom by olive branch only? Was independence realized as a result of international situation then? Or it was  the inevitable result of Syrian people's struggle against occupation?" al-Moallem added.

The 702-page book  was recently issued by the Syrian Book General Commission, according to the 'Thawra' newspaper.

Danish Institute documents life in Syria in 1960s

 The Danish Institute in Damascus in coordination with Department of Cross-Cultural and Regional Studies (ToRS) in Copenhagen University and Orbis publishing house has issued a book entitled 'Eyes on Syria'.

The 144-page book comes within efforts being exerted by Syrian and world heritage experts to shed light on Syria's deep-rooted history that has faced heavy losses over the past six years caused by armed terrorist gangs'  attacks, according to Tishreen newspaper.

Information Minister honors al-Muhannad Kalthoum

 Information Minister honors al-Muhannad Kalthoum, director of award-winning film ‘Jasmine’

 Information Minister Mohammad Ramez Tourjman honored on Monday the Director al-Muhannad Kalthoum in appreciation for his creativity in directing, particularly in his last film ‘Jasmine’.

In a press statement following the honoring ceremony, the minister said that Jasmine film which won a number of awards is a message from Syrian children to the entire world and an outcry against those who turn a blind eye to the acts of terrorist organizations which have been exploiting children in suicide bombings.

He affirmed the role of Syrian youths under the current war in sending out the right message, SANA reported.

The minister said that the film conveyed the message of Syrian children and people who believe in the Syrian Arab Army as the main and basic savior of Syrians, adding that thanks to martyrs’ sacrifices, all Syrian areas will restore stability.

He pointed out that the Syrian drama, especially films, is one of the main pillars of the media and a voice of national media that can lay bare the disinformation campaigns against Syria.

In turn, Kalthoum expressed his appreciation for the honoring which is no less important than the honoring he received abroad, adding that the Syrians are always honored by the victories of Syrian Arab Army and its sacrifices to preserve the Syrian identity.

‘Jasmine’ participated in more than 20 international and Arabic festivals during 2016 and won several awards.