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A Six-Meter Mural Adorns Wall of Damascus’s Dar al-Salam School

DAMASCUS- Expressing love for homeland and life, the "Rhythm of Life" team has executed a mural on the wall of Dar al-Salam School in Damascus.

This mural is the seventh work of the team on the walls of Damascus city’s schools but it’s different from the rest of the previous paintings in terms of technology, style and voluntary efforts, according to SANA.

“The Father” Wins Award at Delhi International Film Festival

DAMASCUS– “The Father” film directed by Bassel al-Khateeb won the best long feature film award at Delhi International Film Festival, SANA reported.

Al-Khateeb told SANA that the award is a new achievement for the Syrian cinema which is contributing to conveying to the whole world that Syrians are still able to make films with high intellectual and artistic value.

Artistic, Entertainment Activities for Children in Lattakia on Christmas

Celebrating Christmas, the Culture Team For Building Life Skills in Lattakia province held recently an interactive origami art exhibition for children. The event is one of the team's different activities that seek ensuring benefit and entertainment as well as enriching children's talents.

Head of the team, Mrs. Amal Tobal told the Syriatimes e-newspaper that Christmas in Lattakia, like in all over the world, is a religious and cultural festivity that celebrates the Birthday of Jesus Christ, and here the people celebrate the occasion to send a message of peace and amity from Syria, the cradle of civilizations, to the world.

The Sun of Jerusalem and the Invaders' Dreams

When the sun shines, dreams sleep…..Since ancient times, Zionists have dreamed of having a capital for them in Jerusalem but throughout history all their attempts, to recognize the holy city as a capital for their alleged nationalism, have failed.

  In the recent history and since the fateful Balfour Declaration, they have seized every possible opportunity and made desperate attempts toestablishtheir state and to recognize Jerusalem as its capital.Alltheir  attempts failedthanks to steadfastness and resistance of its people and theendless support of some Arabs, Muslims and theChristians all over the world who reject the fact that Jerusalem would be the capital of a racist Jewish state .

"Syria, Pearl of East" Exhibition Opened in Hungarian City of Szolnok

BUDAPEST-“ Syria, Durrat al-Sharq” (Pearl of East) exhibition was opened at the Hungarian city of Szolnok on Saturday evening .

According to SANA, the photo exhibition showcases Syria’s archeological and cultural landmarks before and after the terrorist war being waged against it.

Szolnok Governor, Salay Peter, stressed significance of the exhibition to brief the Hungarian people on the cultural and intellectual history of Syria, hoping that Syria will restore security and stability.