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National Museum Park hosts eighth oil painting gathering

Damascus (ST): The National Museum Park is currently hosting the eighth oil painting gathering under the title of "The Bridge of Love".

Ten artists are taking part in the event which is organized by the directorate of Fine Arts at the Ministry of Culture.

Each artist contributed two paintings that deal with various themes.

Director of fine arts sculptor Imad Kashout said that this gathering has been held for eight years despite the war being launched on Syria.

Artist Bassam al-Hajali said that the gathering is an important event that casts light on Syria's eventful history and deep-rooted civilization. It also plays an important part in raising the awareness of people towards Syria's rich antiquities and eventful history.

International plastic artist Sebhan Adam launches an annual art prize to encourage creative talents

The international Syrian plastic artist, Sebhan Adam, launched his annual award, in its first session, under the title "The Golden Sheep" , targeting all art lovers, including amateurs and professional academics, in several age groups.

Regarding the award, SANA quoted  plastic artist Adam as saying: “The Golden Sheep Award"  has an independent and non-profitable character with the aim of achieving a general social and cultural benefit, and it will be personally funded every year in order to support and encourage creative talents.”

The award, which is aimed at all art lovers from the age of 15 years and over, comes according to Adam in difficult economic conditions, showing the will of the Syrian people to achieve success in the various fields of artistic creativity.

Artist Adam explained that the competition requires that each contestant submit two pictures of two artworks, one of which embodies his best artistic productions and the second represents his perception about the golden sheep as the title of the competition,  in order to ensure the originality of the first work by the artist Adam, the arbitrator for the award.

Activities of Al-Dalbah 8thForum for Culture and Arts Kick off in Mashta Al-Helou

Under the title “ for people.. for life”,  activities of AL- Dalbah  8thForum for Culture and Arts kicked off on Tuesday  at Al-Dalbah  Square in Mashta al-Helou in Tartous  province.  

The three-day cultural event is organized by a number of economic, civil and expatriate activities. 

A sculpture and painting forum was opened on the first day of the festival  with the participation of 7 sculptors and five painters who used various materials, including wood, clay, stone and painting on walls within the graffiti  project “Towards a Beautiful  Town” to remove the distortion on  the region’s walls. 

The general supervisor of the forum, lawyer Wael Sabbagh, said to SANA  that the people of Mashata  Al-Helou used to meet their guests of  the festival under Al- Dalba tree .  This perennial tree, which the forum  bears its name,  symbolizes love, life, hope and rebirth.

He  stressed  that they continue to hold this  festival despite all circumstances.

Syria launches postage stamps with images of landmarks

The Syrian Postal Establishment has launched postage stamps with images of landmarks of Syria. 
The landmarks that you can see on the new postage stamps are of the citadels of Marqeb, Jaabar, Salaheddin, Fakhereddin al-Ma'ani and Mesyaf. 

Plastic Artist Eyad Al-Belal: In my work, I embody the human being in his various manifestations

He was born before history when civilization began . His talent began from there, as he draws inspiration from Assyria and Babylon from Syria the civilization.  He defines himself as the son of this land from which he draws the inspiration and knowledge that he projects onto his sculptures. When you visit his workshop, you feel that you are in Babylon or Palmyra, every sculpture there takes you to the first root of civilization and puts you, at the same time , in front of your current reality ... A strange mixture between the past and the present created by the artist Eyad Al-Belal … What you see there cannot be distinguished from the exhibits of the major museums except for the novelty of the product here, as the spirit of ancient man and modern man and their suffering meet together in idealistic creative works.  Death, life and hope are related and contiguous meanings in his sculptures, which take you far away  into a world of imagination.