Turkey Smuggles Syrian Artifacts via Mafias to Zionist Entity and Europe, Says Hammoud

Director of Damascus Countryside Antiquities Dr. Mahmoud Hammoud has underscored that Turkey smuggles Syrian artifacts via mafias to Israel and Europe.

He told ‘Tishreen’ newspaper on Sunday that Turkey sponsors mafias, covers illegal excavations and smuggles the finds to Israel and European markets.

"Turkish businessmen and officers supervised excavation works in Dura-Europos city, located 90 meters above the right bank of the Euphrates river in Syria," Hammoud added, referring to the fact that Turkey had previously occupied Syria and killed millions of peoples and looted artifacts which it had no idea about their values.

Syrian Theater 'Active' in Times of Peace and War

Theater measures the level of cultural and intellectual development of a country. It is a platform for freedom and it reflects the identity of each nation.

The Ministry of Culture in Syria , which has a deep-rooted civilization and history, encourages youths to work with full capabilities to develop theater in order to explain what is going on in the country .

"The Syrian theater has been a milestone in Syrian culture in particular and in Arab culture in general," Minister of Culture Mohammad al-Ahmad told reporters following the end of the performance of a play entitled "Olive" at al-Hamra theater in Damascus.

'Ahfad Ashtar' Institute Revives Cinema Club to Enhance Culture of Dialogue

Because of its believe in the influence and importance of cinema on peoples' thinking, the 'Ahfad Ashtar' Institute has revived cinema club in cooperation with the Ministry of Culture and the General Institute of Cinema.

The club will honour distinguished Syrian actors, actresses and films and it will be a chance for audiences to watch films in order to create a vision for reconstructing people's thinking in confrontation of terrorism, chairperson of the  'Ahfad Ashtar' Institute Dr. Aysar Midani said.

She made it clear that the cinema club will enhance the culture of dialogue.

'Syria is Life' Exhibition Depicts Resistance against Terrorism

Around 13 artists from several generations are taking part in an art exhibition opened Monday in Abo Remmaneh Cultural center in Damascus under the banner "Syria is Life".

The exhibition includes 20 paintings and 3 sculptures depicting resistance against terrorism, according to the Syrian Arab News Agency (SANA).

The agency quoted member of the Baath Arab Socialist Party Mohammad Anis Qaddour as saying in the opening ceremony that life goes on in Syria thanks to the victories of Syrian Arab army over terrorist groups.

Homs School Children Draw Smile and Challenge Terrorism

Over a month, the Syrian city of Homs has witnessed several activities to show normal life there and to tell the whole world that the Syrians will remain united.

The Baath Vanguards Organization has held a workshop on fine arts for children in the city.

The activity, which will last till February 14th, kicked off Thursday under the banner 'We draw a smile and challenge terrorism in Jasmine homeland'.

Around 25 school children, who are talented at painting and photography, are taking part in the workshop, according to the Syrian Arab News Agency (SANA).