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Old schools in Syria .. edifices for creativity and culture

Damascus, ST-  Syria has embraced throughout the ages many schools that formed scientific and cultural edifices that have enriched Arab and Islamic heritage and were one of the cultural centers in the Levant for everyone seeking to obtain knowledge and  a higher education.

According to the scholar and researcher Ali al-Aqbani , Damascus contains  most of the ancient Syrian schools. They were built in the  Ayyubid and Mamluk eras. He  noted  that these schools are distinguished by their  unique architectural character, in addition to  being museums of the types of calligraphy and writing that prevailed at that era.

Collective Exhibition of Young Artists

The National Center for Visual Arts  in Damascus is holding  a collective exhibition for four  young artists that presented different artistic visions  and techniques of painting, offering each of them an opportunity to present his own vision and thought.

After a workshop that lasted seven months, and giving the four artists a wide berth to express their emotions regarding  the war through painting; the National Center for Visual Arts hosted an exhibition including artworks and experiences of Ahmed Talaa, Khuzaymah Al-Ayed, Majd Al-Hinnawi and Salah Huraib.

Barada the divine gift to Damascus

Barada the divine gift to Damascus, a river, God offered to this city. Through this alliance between Barada and Damascus a captivating Ghouta has grown surrounding the city from three directions (east, west and south). Northern Ghouta stands as a range of mountains that extend to the borders of the governorate of Homs.

Damascus Ghouta was a connected range of orchards and fields that supplied the city with vegetables and fruits, until the invasion of the cement progress attacking parts of it and turning them into concrete blocks, factories and workshops of various industries. Despite that, remains of Ghouta are still considered the bread basket of the city, and one of the remarkable landmarks of tourism in the Governorate of Damascus Countryside.

Adham Ismail Center supplies the artistic movement with distinctive works of 17 of its graduates

Damascus, ST- Young artists who graduate from Adham Ismail Center for Fine Arts held an exhibition that included the output of their techniques, talents and knowledge that they had acquired through their two-year study period at the center.

In the exhibition, 17 graduates exhibited 44 paintings in oil painting technology in a classic and realistic style that conveyed various subjects reflecting the graduates' visions of life, art and society .

Barretta, an exhibition of creativity and revelation brings together nine artists

Damascus, ST- (Parita) in Aramaic means creation and creativity, and this word brings together nine plastic artists in one exhibition and one word  which is" art" and creativity.

The exhibition held by "Alf  Noun" Gallery for Art  with the participation of many artists: Bashir Badawi, Jan Hanna, Jumah Nizhan, Fartikis Barsoumian, Shadia Daaboul , Ghassan Akl, Nimat Badawi, Noha Jabara and Nour Al Zayla'a. Their participation covered works of   different genres such as :drawing, sculpture, graphics by using  suitable materials to attach one value: love and human being.