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30 artists participate in the virtual art forum of Mustafa Ali Gallery

With the participation of 30 artists representing various visual arts, the Virtual Art Forum has launched its first session with the aim of creating a means of communication with young artists and confirming the continuation of artistic work despite the disconcerting circumstances due to the Corona pandemic.

Regarding the forum, which was called by Mustafa Ali Gallery, the international Syrian sculptor Ali said in a statement to SANA: “Thirty artists were selected out of sixty who applied to participate in the forum under the supervision of a specialized committee consisting of three accredited artists. The participating young artists will be absolutely free to express their artistic visions by adopting the themes, styles, and the appropriate techniques they choose.

Chandelier industry in Syria

The chandeliers industry in Damascus, which dates back to more than a hundred years,  reflects  the deep-rooted civilization of Syria and its distinguished skilled  craftsmen, who managed to develop this industry and combined the past and the present  through the integration of seashells and copper for the first time inside a copper chandelier to be a masterpiece created by the Grand Masters ( sheikhs Al- Kar)  of “Dummar” Central  Incubator for  Traditional  Crafts   in Damascus..

The skilled Syrian craftsman, who  is capable of creativity and  keeping up with the up-to-date  techniques to develop heritage crafts,  made  the first copper  seashell  chandelier to prove that this heritage profession is amenable to change and development.  

Sculptor Odette Deeb ... the Martyrdom of her Son Highlighted her Hidden Talent

Art is much more than a painting , a song or a sculpture, it is an expression of our  emotions.  Using art to express feelings is essential.  It can be a record of what the artist is feeling..  

Sculptor Odette Deeb  found in onyx stone a refuge to express her feelings.  She managed to turn this stone  into unique  sculptural works, which increase year after year in terms of form and theme..  

The sculptor’s annual exhibition, which is held in her town Marmarita , has become  an overture to attract artists and those who are concerned with cultural issues in Homes and its countryside.. 

The  martyrdom  of her  son six years ago turned Deeb  into a plastic artist who  is keen on  holding  an exhibition every year on her son’s birthday as a token of loyalty and love.  

The sculptor , who is the director of  Marmarita Cultural Center told SANA  that the loss of her son gave birth to her deep feelings  which she  turned into stone to  turned ,producing faces and forms of nature that  express  her grief and oppression over the  martyrdom of her son.   

Regarding her choice of sculpting and engraving on stone, she emphasized that nothing can  hinder  the artist as  strong  will, passion and determination are the artist’s main motives to come out with his unique creativity..

“Give Us Peace” Exhibition a Call by Syrian Children for Peace and Love

Peace education is important for everyone , but particularly for children who are still forming their identity and gaining values . When we teach children to be peaceful , we allow them to be a positive role model for adults around them.  

It is important to provide the children with opportunities to explore their artistic and creative abilities while promoting peace.  

Under the title “ Give us peace “ unique  paintings, drawn by dozens of children and adolescents ,  representing  the seeds of art, love and peace  were embraced by the  Arab Cultural Center in Al-Adawi in Damascus. 

The exhibition, which was held in cooperation with the Fairouz Plastic Forum  expressed  the children’s  desire for life, hope and love.  

On her part, the supervisor of the exhibition  artist Al-Halabi  told SANA  that the exhibition is a semi-annual period for children who have been training for two years. She noted  the development of their level due to the long training period, which qualifies them, according to artist Al-Halabi  , to be  promising talents in the future.  

In turn,  Director of Damascus Culture Wasim Mobaide highlighted  the importance of the exhibition and the contribution of  Fairuz  plastic forum and the Cultural center in al-Adawi Forum in this aspect, because the real investment is building hope among our children. 

The children  Gharam Al-Mustafa, who loves drawing, participated in her paintings to express her love for people.She wishes to become  a famous artist.

Khan al-Saboon in the Old City of Aleppo Witness to the City’s Deep-Rooted Industry

The khans of Aleppo and its ancient alleys are still witness to the  ancient  history and originality of  the old city of Aleppo   where  terrorists organizations   tried to destroy and eliminate  its history, but these attempts were foiled  and defeated by the heroes of the Syrian Arab Army.. 

In Khan al-Saboon  in  “Aghir”  neighborhood , which was rehabilitated by the concerned authorities in cooperation with the residents  of the  neighborhood , Fawaz Dahhan, who is the owner of a commercial store, told  SANA reporter that  Khan  al-Saboon dates back  to hundreds of years and was a stop for commercial caravans and  exchange of goods.  Later the khan was dedicated  to the manufacture of the famous Aleppo laurel soap.

Dahhan  indicated that the  khan was destroyed by terrorists’ brutal acts , but thanks to  the efforts exerted by  the directorates  of  Aleppo’s Antiquities  and the Old City, it was restored  to preserve the ancient stones of this khan, which symbolize  its heritage and history. 

On his part, Head of Aleppo’s Old City Directorate Eng. Ahmed Shehabi stressed   that the restoration of  khan Al-Saboon is a model for preserving the archaeological and historical value, especially as it is linked to a popular and heritage profession for the people of the neighborhood. He pointed  out that the Old City Directorate is coordinating with the owners of commercial and tourism activities to restore and rehabilitate their facilities and providing technical  advice by specialists  to accelerate the return of commercial and economic life.