Syria, the cradle of civilization, education and Alphabet, has one of the most fantastic and wonderful landmarks, "Al-Assad House for Arts"(Opera House). For the first sight of Opera House, you already remember Damascus because of the archeological arts .The style of the building combines old Damascene Eastern architecture with modern architecture style.

 In 2003, Opera House was established while the opening ceremony was in 2004; it is near to Umayyad square facing "Al-Assad Library".

 Its geographical site extends to 350 000 Square meters. It contains three prestigious halls, a big hall for artistic exhibition in addition to three drama Halls: Opera, Drama,  and  multi -uses Hall.

 The Main Hall (Opera) is a big one equipped with hi-tech .It can seat 1331 persons and also contains a small amphitheatre, two balconies and twenty cabins.

 Moreover, "Orchestra Stage" includes 110 seats for Musicians and it is equipped with horizontal and vertical lights. The lighting panel contains 400 lighting projectors plus two video monitors and one cinema screen.

 As for the Drama Hall, it has three sections with a capacity of 663 seats and seven rooms for artists as well.

 There is also a Multi-uses Hall that consists of two sections with 237 seats.

 The first section is for the spectators, while the second one is for service.

 Super stars like Fayrouz and Magadha Aruwimi performed songs at Al-Assad house for Arts.

 Other activities like Inana Group, Syrian National Symphony group, Arab Music group, Al-Hajra Qural , Mosaic group and High institute for music also held arts performances  there.


Hanan Shamout