Arabic is the Semitic language spoken by Arabs. It consists of twenty eight letters and it is written from right to left. It is the religious language of Islam. Nearly 300 million people speak Arabic in twenty two different countries as the official language. It is also the language of the Holy Quran used by all Moslems, who are over one billion worldwide.

Arabic enjoys a high rank in Islamic and non- Islamic worlds. It has also a great significance as an international language in recent time. Arabic is famous for its poetry and rich literature. It is a very beautiful language I feel proud I speak Arabic.

It is an international language according to a number of facts and considerations which are known to the researcher who follows up the developments in the Arab world and Arabic at the same time.

Today, the Arab world witnesses a remarkable scientific and cultural rise as well as good industrial and agricultural development.

A number of linguistics academies in the Arab world work to promote the Arabic language and enriching it with the more scientific idioms in various sciences and arts as well as the active translation movement from different languages into Arabic.

In the past few years, Arabic imposed itself in the European, America and African countries where as it has become a persistent need to the European and American representatives of commerce and industry in the Arab states particularly petroleum ones.

U.S comes at the forefront of countries of countries where Arabic spreads in the universities, institutions and schools, so a great number of people learn Arabic particularly businessmen as to the big American interests in the Arab world.

Americans also show great care to Arabic language to an extent that Professor Babiev Macky of Washington University designed a computer program for Arabic.

All radio and TV stations in America and Europe devote an important scope to Arabic programs as well as dozens of dailies and magazines issued in Arabic language in different European and American capitals. Arab communities in America, Europe and Australia play an active role in spreading Arabic in the circles they work and teach in them.

Sh. Kh.