Arab Writers Condemn US Threats of War against Syria

DAMASCUS- Arab Writers and intellectuals have condemned the American threats of war against Syria and voiced their solidarity with the Syrian state, stressing that Syria is the most important country resisting the Western and Zionist schemes in the region.

In their "Solidarity with Syria" Forum on Sunday, the Arab writers affirmed that the US aggression aims at fragmenting the state, undermining the Syrian society, destroying the country's economic infrastructure and weakening the Syrian Arab Army who defends the nation's sovereign decisions.

Writer Basem Abdo, member of the Executive Bureau of the Arab Writers Union, said in a statement to SANA that national cohesion between the army and the people has become stronger after the US threats.

He pointed out that National progressive forces announced their rejection of foreign interference in Syria's internal affairs and affirmed their readiness to defend the country.

"Writers, intellectuals and politicians are at the confrontation front fighting against any aggression targeting Syria, Abdo said.

Writer Mohammad Adel, member of the General Secretariat of the Palestinian Writers Union, said the American war targets the entire Arab nation, particularly Syria due to its thousands of years old strategic geographical position and cultural importance.

He hailed support by Russia, Brazil, India, China, Venezuela and some other friendly countries to Syria, starting from their belief that this war is a war on principles and values which struggles for freedom and independence.

Palestinian Critic and journalist Ahmad Ali Hilal urged influential intellectuals to be on high alert and to unify efforts to enhance Syria's steadfastness in the confrontation of the ongoing global war.

Professor of Modern Literature at Damascus University, Ghassan Ghuneim asserted that culture is one of the most important defense lines at the times of the crisis and the critical situations through which countries may pass.

He said Arab intellectuals' solidarity with Syria forms one of the bases of resistance front in Syria which is currently facing an American Zionist aggression that dangerously violates all international laws and conventions and threatens world peace.   

Other participants in the forum asserted that the ongoing events in Syria and the schemes of attacking the country were architected long time ago, so all must realize that Syria's stability and security guarantee the security and stability of the entire region.

They urged influential world countries to work to restore peace to the region instead of aggravating the crisis.

H. Mustafa