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It is not strange

The recent visit of singer Asala Nasri to occupied Palestine proved that it is not strange for those who trait their people and homeland to normalize relations with the Zionist entity.

The Palestinians in Bethlehem received Asala’s visit with anger and resentment expressing their categorical rejection of any kind of normalization with Israel. Scores of Palestinians took to the streets adjacent to the concert’s venue raising placards condemning the singer's suspicious visit, considering any Arab visitor as a traitor of the Palestine question as he/she enters Palestine with an Israeli visa and under the protection of Israeli soldiers. The demonstrators raised placards protesting the visit and condemning Asala as a traitor of both Syria and Palestine. One of the placards said:  "It is not strange for those who normalize with the Israeli occupation to betray their homeland”.

Despite the fact that strict security measures were taken at the concert, members of the popular committee for the support of the Syrian people managed to enter the hall and when Nasri started to sing they raised the Syrian flags and shouted slogans that greet Syria, its leader and valiant army. The slogans shouted by some political activists caused  Nasri’s awkwardness and pushed her to ask for the security members of Bethlehem to interfere as a number of men were arrested for several hours because of their shouts against Asala’s treacherous visit.

However, despite the arrest, members of the committee managed to pass a message  to Asala and anyone who seeks normalization with Israel and to any traitor, not only to that singer who sold her homeland and betrayed the central cause of the Arab people.

The committee issued a statement condemning the visit of anyone who seeks normalization with Israel in general and to that singer in particular, because when Israel failed to achieve political normalization, it started to seek cultural and artistic normalization through cheap tools as both kinds can achieve Israel’s sinister objectives in the region.

Member of the committee Jalal Abu Hilal said that when the committee decided to go to the concert to inform Asala with the message of the Palestinians who were angry over this visit, we realized well that the Authority of Ramallah will take measures against us, especially as this authority promised Nasri of tight security measures to protect her.

He added that these measures were clearly manifested through the deployment of large number of Palestinian officers in the hall, pointing out that such intensive military existence was for two reasons: the first was to protect the singer who was moving like a frightened thief and second for filling the large number of vacant seats in the hall which clarified the rejection of Palestinians of this singer who traits her homeland, people and the Palestine question.

Sabrin Diyab, the co-ordinator of the popular committee for the support of the Syrian people said that the Palestinians’ sentiments will always be in support of Syria which has been offering unlimited support for the Palestinian resistance at all levels.