"The Birth Of The Innocence Of Islam" Film Soon

The initial shots of " The Birth Of The Innocence Of Islam" film began on Saturday at Blue Tower Hotel in Damascus. The film is a retaliation of the anti-Islam  film recently screened on you tube and other media means.

" A group of young volunteers from all spectra are participating  in the film which embodies the sublime values of  fraternity, amity, tolerance and rejection of violence, extremism and distortion of religious symbols. The film would be a response to the anti-Islam film and an opportunity to display how the film was produced and financed,"  Walid Darwish, the director of the film clarified, considering the film as a response to the attempts by the Zionism and some foreign countries to  distort the image of Islam and its civilized message and instructions.


"Art's  important message to humanity is to show the real values of all religions through works capable of delivering the essence of religion and to respect other religions". Talal Lababidi, an actor in the film, affirmed.

For his part, Hasan Khalil, another actor in the film, said:" This film  carries unique ideas, as it proves the ability of the young to assume their social responsibility during the current crisis of the country."

" The Birth Of The Innocence Of Islam " is produced by Al-Rawas company and Surian Foundation For Artistic Production.

The duration of the film is 17 minutes spread (12 minutes for drama and 5 minutes for documentary scenes) that illustrates the reactions of people of "The Innocence Of Islam" film and defending the values of moderate Islam  in Syrian society.


Maysa Wassouf