Syrian Film Depicting Love under Crisis Takes Part in Carthage Cinema Days Festival.


 DAMASCUS, (ST)_  A Syrian film titled "29 February" is to take part in the 24th Carthage Cinema Days Festival due to kick off on November 16th through 26th.

The film depicts a love story carrying a lot of suffering and pain in parallel with the difficulties facing the life of the young generation.

"29 February tackles contemporary issues without ignoring people's troubles and their daily suffering, said Director of the film al-Muhannad Kalthoum in a statement to SANA.

"Produced by a number of young Syrian artists, the film is to compete with other Arab and foreign movies participating in the festival. It will provide the Syrian cinema with an opportunity under the current crisis in the country as to prove to the whole world that we still exist and are keen to produce inventive artistic works representing us and our homeland," Kalthoum added.

In "29 Februray", I aim at depicting Syrian contemporary cities with their softhearted people who love life and keep hoping and working despite all attempts by suspicious media institutions abroad to falsify the reality of events in our country," Kalthoum said.

Starring in the film are actors Jihad Saad, Orwa Kalthoum and Ghufran Khaddour.

The film is produced by the General Establishment for TV and Radio Production within the framework of 'Short Syrian Cinema Dreams' project.

The list of short films participating in the Festival's official competition includes 23 works produced by the Arab countries of Syria, Tunisia, Algeria, Morocco, Palestine, Bahrain, Iraq, Jordan, Kuwait, Lebanon, the United Arab Emirates and Egypt, in addition to movies representing four African countries.

The feature films competition is to screen 20 movies from 14 Arab and foreign countries.

Eighteen documentaries from seven Arab countries including Syria and four African countries are also to be screened within the official competition of the event.

H. Moustafa