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Ornina Band At Hammamet International Festival

THE Syrian Band "Ornina" presented  on Friday a show entitled Epic Alaliadh the Canaanite at Hammamet International Festival in Tunisia  in its 49th session. The script was written by Mahmoud Abdel Karim , music by Walid al- Hashim , and directed by Naser Ibrahim. The 49 artists of the band will also take part in Sfax International Festival  that started  on July 13th and will last until August the 16th.

 The show portrayed the struggle of the Palestinian people during the Canaanite civilization, Jericho massacre and  the Roman era up to the birth of Jesus Christ .  Further it depicted the Islamic epochs,  crusaders wars and imaged the tragedy of the Nakba and the displacement of the Palestinian people down to the aggression on Gaza.

The show mirrored formations of the talented dancers inspired from folklore arts in a modern  style to perform technical scenes in order to convey to the audience a message of an exemplary  resistance and  steadfastness of the  Palestinian people despite the killing , displacement and Judaization .