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Syrian Drama Still Hale and Hearty

Despite the ongoing crisis facing Syria, Syrian TV series had a strong presence with 23 series during Ramadan season of 2013 and were able to compete with other Arab dramas through a variety of topics including the Damascene environment and comic series in addition to a new kind of series which deal with the Syrian crisis.

This new kind of Syrian drama mirrors the events of the street: they are very close to the reality and actualities tackling the ongoing events that began mid-March 2011.

"Sa'naoud Ba'ad Qalil" (We'll Be Right Back), directed by al-Laith Hajo and written by Rafi Wahbe, is one of the Syrian crisis series talking about a Syrian family that was displaced to Lebanon due to the Syrian crisis.

Also "Taht Sama'a al-Watan" (Under the Homeland's Sky), directed by Najdat Anzour, consists of ten separate three-episode stories touching upon the current crisis.

“Al-Wilada min al-Khasira” (Birth from the Waist) Part 3 written by Samer Radwan and Directed by Seif Eddin Sbeii, digs deep into the ongoing crisis and events which the Syrians are encountering such as kidnapping and murdering.

Noura, 25 years old, told Syriatimes that she likes the crisis drama and believes that “Sa’naoud Ba’ad Qalil” displayed the Syrian daily events as they are.

On the other hand Nisreen, 30 years old, has an independent opinion; she prefers the damascene environment drama.

While Dania, 30 years old, likes the social series more than other topics

Hammam Shami (Damascene Bathroom) is one of the 6 Damascene environment series during this season of Ramadan and it was the result of concerted efforts of the writer “Kamal Murra” and the director Mumen Almallah.

The drama of ‘Hammam Shami’ is goes back to the 1950’s in Damascus and chronicles traditional family life revolving around the famous Syrian ‘Hammam’ where much of the action takes place. The drama has a cast of renowned Syrian actors including: Mustafa Khani, Wafiq Al Zaeem, and many more.

Mouthana Soubeh, the director of “Yasmine Ateek” (Old Jasmine) and the writer “Radwan Shibli” present the Syrian ladies differently from what we see in other damascene environment series she is portrayed as an educated character participating in decision making.

Marwa (28 years old), works in a private sector, prefer the comic series to other topics.

She said “I am watching “Sabaya” a comic series narrating the story of five girls living together in one house."


Ibrahim Zaaboub