Art for life not for art,says Dayoub

Syrian artist Mahmoud Dayoub has recently held an individual exhibition at the "Maktab" gallery in Damascus.

Through his paintings,Dayoub established himself as one of the best artists in Syria who tackled philosophical issues.

Dayoub also endeavors to convey a clear message to his panel's viewers that a man has been transformed from a creative one into a monster-like creature.

In his panel,titled."the Windmill's Donkey,he depicted a monster revolving around nothing heading to the unknown.

"I do believe that art is for life and not for art itself", Dayoub clarified.

"in my own view point,the artist revealed a certain idea when he held an exhibition.Hence,through my paintings,I am always focusing on the negative aspect of societies only to adopt good values",he asserted.

Dayoub graduated from the Fine Arts Faculty-Photography Section-Damascus University in 2005.

He held his first individual exhibition at the Damascus-based French Cultural Center in 2007.

Dayoub also participated in a number of individual and collective exhibition held in Iran,Tunisia,France,Spain and Holland.


Maysa Wassouf