Modernized traditional handicrafts topped the "Producers 2020" exhibition

Damascus, (ST)- The ancient handicrafts which are precisely crafted with a modern touch, drew attention at the "Producers 2020 Exhibition", held in Tekkiye Sulaymaniyah in Damascus. These distinctive artifacts show the skill of their makers who came from Aleppo and were keen to present their best and finest products to visitors, merchants and industrialists.

The professionally made artifacts displayed in the exhibition stands recount the tale of production and the development that touched its details, such as the products of the stone engraving craft.

In a statement to SANA, artisan Fouad Kharsa said that he learned this profession from his father, but that he developed it in new ways by adding resin polyester while making it. The polyester resin, he added, is a chemical substance that  he mixed with some materials and poured into molds passing through more than one stage to become beautiful and colorful masterpieces of art.

 Kharsa indicated that he insisted on participating with his products in the "Producers 2020" exhibition, as it is an opportunity to market them to the rest of the governorates, pointing that most of the requests during the exhibition were on artifacts that embody archaeological sites in Syria.

“Our handicrafts matched their imported counterparts in quality and aesthetics and the competitive prices.” Confirmed the participant Abdo Loza, director of a sculpture company, considering that the "Producers 2020 Exhibition" is an important platform for re-introducing the producers who have returned to work and networking with visitors wishing to acquire these goods.

The Hartheon and Maral Narcis brothers , from a handicraft company specializing in the production of crafts made by threading beads and diamonds onto the fabric, which is among the most ancient handicrafts. Narcis showed that they had been practicing this craft for 15 years manually, and after the support provided to them, they were able to purchase a laser device for cutting and drawing on wood, leather and cloth and then crystal, diamonds and colors were added.

Michel Sabra, the owner of a company for laser cutting and engraving, said that he has been working with this craft since 2003, as they make artistic shapes and designs from wood, cloth and leather through laser technology. This craft includes making products for advertising, stationery, gifts and decorations.

Participant Michel Roy said that there must be copper artifacts in every place that displays handicrafts, indicating that copper castings craft is very old and they inherited it from the ancestors.

He went on to say that due to the high price of copper metal, it was replaced by copper-colored aluminum and the addition of many materials such as crystal, wood and resin, indicating that the exhibition offered them great opportunities to market their products.

 Amal Farhat