Annual “Syria Rainbow” Festival celebrates Diverse Syrian Folk Dancing

The annual Rainbow Festival for folk music is one of the forms of cultural and artistic diversity which characterizes Syria. It represents with the bands that participate in it every year a celebration of Syria’s folk dancing.

The festival’s sixth session this year, which was held in cooperation with the Ministry of Culture and Cham Wings for Aviation, witnessed remarkable participation by “Al-Mahra” folk Band which performed the Syrian Dabke (folk dance) from various provinces and the Circassian band that performed folk dancing from the Circassian heritage which is rich in power.

  Armenian “Karni” heritage band presented dancing and expressive performances while members of “Ashti” Kurdish Heritage troupe performed a Dabke which was distinguished by enthusiasm and beauty.

The participants in the festival highly valued this event, as director of the Circassian Charitable Troupe Hilal ZulKifl told SANA that their participation aims to revive the Circassian heritage within the fabric of the Syrian society. In turn the participant Muhammad Burt Haj Ismail stressed that this event means spreading love, life and joy in the Syrian society despite all the circumstances.

On his part, Director of the Al-Mahra Folk Band, Maher Hamami, pointed out that the band presents Syrian folk dancing in a new style while preserving its authenticity with the aim of reviving the heritage and transferring it to generations.

The participant Jamal Al Aboud a member at the “Ashti” troupe, expressed his pride in participating in the “ Syria Rainbow” Festival as part of the Syrian mosaic and culture..

Rawaa Ghanam