Iranian Film Depicts Syrians' Terrorism-caused Suffering

In his new film, "Behind the Clouds", Iranian film director Hassan Karbakhsh is due to depict the suffering of the Syrian people as a result of the crimes being perpetrated by the armed terrorist groups in Syria.

Karbakhsh said in a statement on Monday that the Arabic-speaking film deals with the crisis in Syria and focuses on the Syrian people's determination to defend their homeland and confront the Jihadist thinking of the takfirists and the salafists.

Karbakhsh wrote the story of the film himself, but a Syrian scenarist will rewrite it to be so close to the reality of events in the country.

According to the Iranian film maker, "Behind the Clouds" tells the story of a doctor, whose father is a famous trader and who is kidnapped during the latest events in Syria.

He pointed out that filming will be done in safe Syrian areas.

H. Mustafa