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Various artistic visions and themes at the conclusion of the 8th Oil Painting Forum

The  various activities of the Eighth Oil Painting Forum entitled "Syria, the Bridge of Love"  has increased the beauty of the National Museum's garden during the closing exhibition of the forum, which included twenty oil paintings .

The exhibition, which was held by the Directorate of Fine Arts at the Ministry of Culture, included various artistic works by ten participating artists .The works were accomplished during the days of the forum, and that reflected their artistic experiences and the various art schools they were affected by.

Plastic artist Fidaa Mansour presented two works, one documenting the façade of the National Museum taken from Qasr al-Hayr al-Gharbi and the second one is from the inspiration taken from his experience.

Mansour stated to SANA: “The forum constitutes a beautiful interactive and energetic state among the participants and allowed us to get acquainted with new artists in the Syrian Plastic Art, as it was a real opportunity for every artist to present what he has, which showed a diversity of techniques, methods and topics in a positive atmosphere that symbolizes the return to life.

Plastic artist Azza Haider explained that her participation in the forum was very beneficial, especially with the presence of a group of distinguished artists, in addition to the fact that the forum provided her with the opportunity for direct painting in nature.This enriched her experience in dealing with large-sized paintings and the oil technique on canvas.

The forum was an important plastic event for the young artist, Heba Ta'an, who participated through two paintings that embodied the atmosphere of the forum adopting the impressionistic style that she prefers more than other artistic styles.

The plastic artists Ayman Al-Beik, Ayman Al-Hamidi, Bassam Al-Hajli, Bayan Al-Shami, Ghassan Akl, Nour Khoury and Wasim Abdel-Hamid participated in the forum.

Amal Farhat