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A young Painter makes use of his hobby in acting and preparing TV programs with a comic template

Ali Al-Muhammad loves all  arts and excels in the art of drawing with charcoal, where he finds that the harmony of white and black colors represents life in all its contradictions. He created for himself a unique style that he executes with high  professionalism despite his relatively short artistic experience that dates back to eight years.

SANA quoted Ali as saying  that he chose charcoal drawing as a specialty that he favours as it is the closest to his feelings and spirit.  He focuses on portraits, where he chooses  the faces of his artistic figures from the photos of artists, famous figures, friends and relatives, as he adds his own touch to those photos to appear professionally on paper.

 Ali's multiple talents made him go beyond drawing to participate as an actor in a series that has not yet been shown, along with a group of Syrian artists.  In this series which is directed by Safouh Mimasi, Ali acts as a painter, who paints famous artists.

He pointed out that he has recently recorded a program, with a comic template, in cooperation with friends who are currently working on the program's editing, which he called (the stars' painter).

Ali's passion for drawing made him ready to  willingly   train anyone who loves this art as a message with a view of spreading the high values and enhancing  the aesthetic taste of the soul.

It is worth mentioning that Ali is a student at the Law Faculty of Al-Baath University.

Amal Farhat