Czech musical magazine highlights the artistic value of the musical notes discovered in Syria's Ugarit

PRAGUE, (ST)- Highlighting the historical musical heritage in Syria, the Czech "Musikos" magazine has stressed that the musical notes, discovered in Syria's Ugarit since the fifties of last century, carry very important historical artistic value.

The importance of these notes lies in refuting what some historians and musical experts had said about the lack of musical harmony in the ancient centuries, according to the magazine.

The magazine said that the discovered musical notes date back to the 14th century  BC; that is to almost 3500 years, and they represent the oldest musical notation in the world. It clarified that the clay tablets on which these notes and their interpretation were written are compatible with the number of musical symbols and this provides a clear evidence that there was a true and purposeful musical distribution in these notes.

 Last year, the Czech Opera Plus website said that the first musical note in the world, which was discovered in Ras Shamra (Ugarit) in Syria, has been a unique artistic work.

Hamda Mustafa