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More than 760 educational videos within the (Long distance adults teaching) initiative

Damascus, (ST) - The Directorate of Adult Education and Cultural Development of the Ministry of Culture continued to work on its "Long distance adults teaching)" initiative, which it had launched since the precautionary measures of tackling the Corona virus.

Ziad Maiman, director of adult education at the ministry, affirmed that the initiative met with good interaction, as the departments in the governorates provided a large group of educational videos and audio clips that included lessons for reading, writing, and mathematics, as well as health counseling and awareness clips to prevent corona virus.

The number of sections provided according to Maiman is 761 educational sections, as the number of learners benefiting from this initiative reached nearly 2,400 from various governorates.

He stressed that this initiative will continue until within the adult education courses return naturally and it is possible to take advantage of these passages later by documenting them and sending them to some students who cannot reach adult education classes.

The (Long distance adults teaching) initiative was launched in the Directorate of Adult Education by broadcasting educational videos. It is intended for students who registered in the courses held by the Directorate during the first half of 2020 and stopped due to the precautionary measures taken to tackle the Corona virus.


Raghda Sawas