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Damascus Culture Directorate launches “Memory of a Homeland” initiative to document creative works of prominent Syrian intellectuals

DAMASCUS, (ST)- Damascus Culture Directorate has launched a cultural initiative, called “memory of a Homeland” aiming at introducing and documenting the innovative and creative works of prominent Syrian intellectuals, poets, artists, novelists, researchers and fine artists via social media.

The move stresses the Syrian cultural institutions’ keenness on continuing their work in disseminating culture and knowledge even under the current anti-coronavirus measures taken in the country.

Wasim al-Mbeyyed, Director of Damascus Culture, told SANA that “the global coronavirus pandemic, which has killed many people, has necessitated that the peoples of the world take certain measures to prevent more infections with the virus. This situation urged the cultural institutions in Syria to continue their enlightenment role through social media despite these measures that prevent close contact.”

“Memory of the Homeland”, includes several documentaries to be broadcast on the social media sites of the Culture Ministry, Damascus Culture Directorate and its affiliated centers, said al-Mbeyyed.

 He added that the initiative also includes virtual dialogue with the intellectuals or researchers on their biography and intellectual experience in order to introduce the shining details of their lives and career.

On her part, Ilham Sultan, a journalist who prepared the “Memory of the Homeland” initiative, said that the documentaries are directed by Firas Qannout who managed to embody the biography of the targeted intellectuals through beautiful creative artistic works.

She added that the main message is based on disseminating culture, knowledge and creativity and on preserving the cultural achievements of the Syrian prominent men of culture in the memory of the coming generation.

Hamda Mustafa