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A Syrian man turns his house into a heritage museum

Al-Hasakah, (ST) - Androas Yusuf Shabu from Al-Qamishli continues collecting traditional tools and utensils that were used by the residents of the Syrian al-Jazeera to exhibit in his house, and his house has turned into a heritage museum. He completes what his father started 30 years ago in preserving the ancient heritage that shows the originality and heritage of the region.
Shabu shows that the exhibits' includes many social and economic aspects that have a direct relationship to the daily life of the al-Jazeera region, stressing his continuous support to his exhibition.

The people of the region keep many of these traditional tools by which they decorate their tents as witness to the originality of their culture, he added.

Shabo said that the exhibition also includes the oldest sewing machine, lantern, coffee grinder in the region as well as children's beds and hunting tools.

Heritage researcher Jassim al-Huwaidi shows that the exhibits include all details of human life on the Syrian al-Jazeera and give a glimpse into the development of life in it.

Raghda Sawas