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Sulhi Al-Wadi Institute honors its distinguished students in a concert

In honor and celebration of its distinguished students,  the Sulhi Al-Wadi Institute held a concert at Al-Assad National Library with the participation of 21 male and female students playing on their musical instruments, including the piano, harp, and the accordion.

Each male and female student of different ages performed various musical pieces on their instruments, showing their high abilities to deal with their instruments and the  effort they made with their teachers to acquire the level of solo playing skill that they had achieved.

Professor pianist Lynn Jnad said that the ceremony is to honor the students who obtained the highest marks in their academic years from the first to tenth  grade, pointing out that the teaching staff at the institute is working to prepare professional musicians. She underlined the importance of this concert because it allows students to appear on the stage and play in front of the audience.

Head of the piano department at the institute Professor Jumana Omran drew attention to the excellent level that the first students attained as a result of their love for music and their perseverance in learning it diligently and persistently with the institute's professors, shedding light on the importance of parental encouragement.

Accordionist Professor Wissam Al-Shaer pointed to the positive competition among students in all academic years, pointing out that the ceremony aims at ing the distinguished students and encouraging the rest of their colleagues to persevere and work hard to reach the first positions.

The winning students expressed their appreciation of the efforts made by the institute’s professors to reach this result.

It is noteworthy that Sulhi Al-Wadi Institute of Music, affiliated to the Ministry of Culture, was established in 1960 under the name of the Arab Institute of Music, and later its name changed to Sulhi Al-Wadi Institute in honor of its founder.

Tens of children and teenagers annually graduate from the institute in field different field of music whether using Arab or western musical instruments, thus providing the Higher Institute of Music with talented players. 


Inas Abdulkareem