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Youths and dialogue 'key words' to save Syria, says Mushaweh

DAMASCUS,(ST)_For the second time, Culture Ministry mounts a symposium on national dialogue at al-Assad  library in the capital.

But this time the focus is on Syrian youths' pivotal role in dialogue as they make up 60% of society.

Lubana Mushaweh, Culture Minister, said at the opening ceremony that youths and national dialogue are two key words to save the homeland and build its future.

"National dialogue is the only outlet to surpass the crisis. It must stem from belief in its workability and it must be based on equality and respect for others' opinion," the minister said.

She underscored that culture of dialogue leads to realize peace in any society, adding:" youths fortified against narrow-mindedness and isolation are the ablest to build the county's future."

"The symposium aims at having an idea about some intellectuals and researchers' opinions on youths' situation and their role in forthcoming national dialogue. We are meeting here because we are all aware of dangerous of continuity of bloodshed in Syria," Mushaweh said.

Arab intellect

For his part, the intellectual Yehya Abo Zakareya from Algeria spoke on behalf of participants in the symposium and criticized absence of Arab intellect in bringing about solution to the crisis in Syria.

"Terrorism is created by the Zionist entity and it goes along with its system based on killing the other and eliminating all those who go against its system."

"We have to preserve national landmarks in order not to hear from our children and grandchildren that our states are developing and the Zionist entity is developed," Abo Zakareya said.

High national interest

Head of Syrian Youths Council Ihab Hamed said in his speech that dialogue based on political program is a high national interest to resolve the crisis in Syria.

"The Mass media and IT must be dialogue tools depending on understanding and awareness," he added.   

The two-day symposium entitled "Syrian youths and national dialogue" was kicked off today (Sunday) with participation of Arab researchers from Syria, Lebanon, Egypt, and Algeria.

Basma Qaddour