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Turkish Illegal Trade of Syrian Monuments Deplored at UNESCO meeting

PARIS,(ST)_The Syrian delegation to the works of the 191 session of UNESCO Executive Council , concluded in Paris yesterday stressed  that the Turkish Government of the Justice and Development Party, is  involved illegal trade of Syrian Monuments .

In  a memorandum submitted to the Council refuting  the allegations of the Turkish delegation on Syria 's  breaching  obligations of UN  organizations  conventions, the Syrian delegation  unveiled the  conspiracy against Syria  at UNESCO, perpetrated by  Turkey the US and its hirelings .

The Syrian memorandum  emphasized Syria's steadfastness in  confronting terrorism and the Salafi ideology wreaking Syria  through looting, killing and destruction of the human legacy and unmatched civilization.

 Delegations of the Russian Federation, China, Venezuela, Cuba, Gabon, Iran called for  halting the Turkish hegemony against Syria, describing it as  a blatant interference the affairs of one of UNESCO  founding member  state, while the delegations of the US, Japan, Pakistan and Egypt,  supported the Turkish hostile position against  Syria.

UNESCO 's Director-General Irina Bokova asked member states  to support efforts to maintain the humanity heritage in Syria , stressing that  preserving the Syrian  heritage is part of the responsibility before the international community.

She indicated efforts made by UNESCO since the beginning  of the crisis in Syria to condemn acts of violence and systematic abuse on Syrian  heritage and archeological sites especially sites   on the list of World Heritage,  confirming  that UNESCO's work  is a moral duty necessitated  by the responsibility of safeguarding exceptional cultural heritage , owned by  all mankind , noting that the Syrian archaeological sites created  dialogue between cultures .

In turn, President of UNESCO  Executive Council Alessandra Cummins demanded Member States to avoid  political polarization threatening UNESCO 's values.

 Worthy mentioning that  the Syrian delegation to the  works of UNESCO 's  191  session included Deputy Minister of culture, Syria 's Permanent Representative at UNESCO and Syria 's National Committee secretary to UNESCO.


T. Fateh