Twenty artistic portraits on Syrian civilization in "Julia Art" Exhibition

In the center of the capital, Damascus, twenty artists gathered to present their artistic paintings, which  decorated with their beauty and distinct colors the corridors of the Julia Dumna Hotel.

At the Julia Dumna Hotel, an art exhibition entitled (Julia Art) opened and continues until January 16, and includes a large number of paintings using various techniques.

Artist Badee Jahjah confirmed in a special statement that the exhibition is a civilization and cultural phenomenon from the center of the capital, Damascus, and from the place of its architectural structure, it reflects the city's culture (Julia Dumna Hotel). Artists set out with a variety of beautiful and diverse works, indicating that art and culture are an important human bridge, and this harmony has a meaning which is the culture of love, creativity and harmony.

Jahjah pointed out that the exhibition contains twenty works of art for twenty Syrian artists with different works and different technologies that differed between acrylic and oil.Explaining that Syria is a country of civilizations and these paintings speak of a Syria that brings us together. 

Miss Tamer, Director of Public Relations at Julia Dumna Hotel, confirmed that (Julia Art Gallery) is the first artwork of the Julia Dumna Hotel in cooperation with the Alf Nun Hall. She said that we are keen to revive this artistic march that should be more active after our victory in the war on terrorism, pointing to the importance of the displayed works, and their different ideas, colors and creativity in this place from the center of the capital Damascus, which is a masterpiece built by the Syrian Spanish artist Fernando de Aranda.

Artist Joma'a Nizhan indicated that the exhibition includes a group of artists who create different technologies and different ideas and opinions, which is a beautiful step that adds to the art.

He said "I participated in one painting and I prefer to draw human beings in my paintings, as well as Syrian women depending on the color contrast (white and black) in order to help the emergence of ideas. "

Artist Mahmoud Jawabreh said that it is nice to have artists looking to present their works.Those exhibitions are a true link between the artist and the recipient and through them we get to discover new experiencesJawabreh called on young promising artists to spare no effort to develop the artistic movement in Syria.

Raghda Sawas