Anzour’s “King of The Sand” Depicts Shameful Details of Saudi History

 “The Saudi regime had exported terrorism to the world and here it is now exporting this plague to my beloved country, Syria,” said Najdat Anzour, the renowned Syrian filmmaker in recent remarks to the local press, highlighting his new film “King of The Sand”.

The English-spoken film, according to Anzour, constitutes an attempt of self-defense vis the global war currently being waged against Syria by foreign, regional and Arab parties. The movie uncovers unacceptable details of the history of the founder of  Saudi Arabia, King Abdul Aziz Bin Abdul Rahman Al Saud. It depicts his shameful cooperation with the British colonialism to undermine the Hashemite rule and get rid of the Ottoman occupation in the Arab peninsula aiming at implementing a new colonialism scheme in the region.

“What made me think of producing and directing this film was the similarity between the present and the past in terms of colonialists’ attempts to fragment the region into mini states according to a Sykes-Picot –like agreements," said Anzour.

The film was produced by Anzour himself without any outside funding and away from any kind of political propaganda.

“I wanted the whole world to know the reality of the Saudi regime, who wants to give us lessons in democracy while it lacks the minimum level of respecting types of  human rights and freedoms,” Anzour said.

He added “I don’t have any problem with the softhearted people of Saudi Arabia. My problem is with the barbaric and terrorist aggression being waged by the Saudi regime and other Gulf  Sheikhdoms against Syria’s existence.”

The Syrian director pointed out that two years after the beginning of the so-called “Arab Spring” in the region, one can clearly understand that there is an evident scheme to fragment the region into mini states exactly as what happened after the Great Arab Revolution erupted early in the 20th century. That time, the British and French colonialists exploited the revolution to end the Ottoman rule and implement their domination schemes so they signed the ill-famed Sykes-Picot agreement which divided the Arab homeland.

The film also sheds light on the present Syrian daily life which grows worse because of the Saudi and Gulf funding of terrorism in Syria.

On the other hand, Anzour said that he was keen to produce the film in high techniques and with a comprehensive strategic vision that supports its competitiveness among the biggest world cinema production.

He stressed that he succeeded in promoting the film worldwide despite threats by Saudi parties to prevent its screening.

Italian actor Fabio Testi will star in the film and will act the role of “King Abdul Aziz” in his old age. Actors from England, Turkey, Lebanon and Syria will also star in the "King of The Sand".

H. Mustafa