"Love and poetry" second festival is distinguished by diversity of poems in various themes

Damascus, ST- The poetic texts participating in the  second Festival of "Love and poetry"  were characterized by a variety of subjects which  reflect the richness of the poetic movement as it  simulates  experiences and sufferings of Syrians during  wartime.

The festival was held by the Arab Cultural Center in Abo Rummaneh, where the evening started by the poet Samar Taglibi who read texts that denoted emotional affection and expressed social and humanitarian cases in addition to describing Damascus as a national symbol.

The poet Osama Shehadeh also delivered texts criticizing the retreat of poetry. He also read national texts in which he expressed his love for Syria and his belonging to it.

The poet Hassan Ahmad focused in his poems on the victories of the Syrian Arab Army and patriotism, considering Damascus as the centre that led the epic of victory and resistance.

The poet Amal al-Manawer concluded with a number of social texts in which she expressed social paradoxes in life.

The texts presented by the poets were accompanied by oud music by Youssef Soweidan.

About the evening, the head of the cultural center, Rabab Ahmed, said that most of the texts were distinguished by their authentic nature, nationalism, and morality, which means that the future of poetry will remain a form of self-identification of Syrians.