Syria Witnessed Remarkable Cultural Momentum in 2019

The cultural momentum, which Damascus city  has  witnessed during the recent years, was also significantly  noticable in a number of  Syrian governorates which  were the artistic platform for holding    in 2019 remarkable  cultural activities   in various  artistic domains including  theater, music, fine art, literary and art festivals.

 In 2019, the cultural movement devoted itself to the present public life of Syrians and played a vital role in combatting  extremism and terrorism. At the same time   the cultural movement  lost a number of thinkers, writers and artists  last year.

The following are the most prominent stations of Syrian culture in 2019 :

 (2-1-2019) : The death of the researcher, Dr. Muhammad Mahfal, at  the age of 90.

(6-1-2019) : Opening of "Culture Festival ... Festival of Life" in Aleppo, which was  held by the Arab Writers Union.

(15-1-2019) : The Ministry of Culture honors the winners of the State incentive award for 2018.

(21-1-2019) : The global search engine Google celebrates the birthday of the late artist Louay Kayali.

(27-1-2019) :The Arabic Language Academy awards Dr. Thaer Zainuddin a prize  in critical poetry.

(28-1-2019) :  The Second Euphrates Song Festival at the Damar Cultural Complex Theater.

(31-1-2019) :  The film "I'm still alive" won a prize at the Dhaka International Film Festival.

(31-1-2019) :  The departure of the artist and musician Khalaf Al-Husseini.

(1-2-2019) :  the  Syrian international artist Bahjat Sikandar receives the highest ministerial merit award in Bulgaria.

(14-2-2019) : The departure of the  director Ghassan Jabri, who was  one of the founders of Syrian and Arab  drama.

(17-2-2019) : The death  of the Syrian director Alaeddin Al-Shaar.

(4-3-2019) : Dar  Al-Assad  for Culture and Arts launches the eighth Bouzak Festival.

(9-3-2019) :  The film "War Travelers" wins the Best Arabic Film Award at the Sharm El-Sheikh Festival.

(10-3-2019) : A hundred paintings by artists from 76 countries at the Syria International Caricature Exhibition.

(14-3-2019) :  The death  of Muhammad Naji Al-Obaid,  who was one of the most important pioneers of fine  art in Syria.

(17-3-2019) :  Three awards for the play of “Chiboub and Desert Thieves” at a festival in Iraq.

(19-3-2019) : holding  the Aramaic Language Festival in Dar Al-Assad.

 ( 29-3-2019) : The death of the poet and writer Muhammad Munther Zureik at the age of 50.

(3-4-2019) :  An exhibition of contemporary Syrian art in the Parliament of Bremen, Germany.

(4- 4-2019) :  fine art  and handcrafts  exhibitions arts  at the first Homs Tourist Cultural Festival.

(7-4-2019) : holding  "The Syrian Month of Book" exhibition including   1320 titles.

(8- 4-2019) : Damascus celebrates culture and honors its creators at the opening of its cultural festival.

(9-4-2019) :  Launching  of the official feature screening of the feature film “ Hanin Al-thakera” Longing for Memory.

(11-4-2019) :  After it toured European capitals ,  the model of the niche of the Temple of Palmyra, reaches  Damascus.

(14-4-2019:  After it was closed for 6 years due to terrorists’ acts ,  The Museum of Medicine and Science opens its doors to visitors.

(15-4-2019) :  The activities of Sheikh Saleh Al Ali Festival in Tartous kicked off .

(16-4-2019) :  The departure of the Palestinian artist, Nazir Nasrallah at  the age of 73.

(22-4-2019) :  Heritage exhibition and  dancing  show at the opening of the Sultan Pasha Al-Atrash Cultural Festival.

(22-4-2019) : “ Wagih Baroudi” Poetic Creativity frstival  in Hama.

(23-4-2019) :  Seventy films at the Youth and Short Film Cinema Festival.

(29-4-2019) :  The National Museum in Damascus receives a wide basaltic stone door as a gift from a  Syrian expatriate.

(30-4-2019) :   “Abu Tammam” festival of  poetry and prose creativity    is held  in Daraa.

(1-5-2019) :  The Directorate of Antiquities announces its national strategy for reviving  the situation  of Syrian antiquities.

(8-5-2019) :  with the participation of 49 artists ... Opening of the Lattakia Spring exhibition .

(19-5-2019) :  The “Yalla” Cinema” project graduates its  second batch of the martyrs’ sons and daughters .

(21-6-2019) :  The prize of  the best direction  for the movie "Amina" at the Meknes Film Festival in Morocco.

(3-7-2019) :  Launching the first session of the Fine Art Forum in Hasaka.

(4-7-2019) :  The departure of the artist, Munther Kum Naqesh , at the age of 84.

(6-7-2019) :  Launching the activities of the first Tartous Music Forum.

(7-7-2019) :  Launching the Sulhi Al-Wadi International Competition for Young Talents in Dar Al-Assad after seven years of stopping.

(9-7-2019) :  The Third Qatari Wood Carving Forum in Sweida province  with the participation of 15 sculptors.

(14-7-2019) :  Aleppo embraces the first music forum of its late artist Omar Al-Batsh.

( 17-4- 2019 ) :  The official presentation of the new feature film "Confession".

(23-7-2019) :  The State Appreciation Award for the year 2019 for Lubana  Mshaweh, Saber Falhout, George Wassouf.

(23-7-2019) :  The Ministry of Information celebrates the 59th anniversary of the founding of television.

(24-7-2019) :  The Directorate of Theaters and Music launches the 2020 season of the Youth Theater Support project.

(5-8-2019) :  The Fares Zarzour Forum was held for the first novelistic creativity.

(9-9-2019) :  Opening of “the blood of palm”  movie, the epic of the martyrdom of Khaled Al-Asaad in a special presentation for the media.

(12-9-2019) :  Under the patronage of President Bashar Al-Assad ,  Dr. Najah Al-Attar opens the thirty-first session of the Book Fair at the Al-Assad National Library.

( 15-9-2019) :  Homs cultural art festival returns again after ten years.

( 25-9-2019) :  The completion of the restoration of the archaeological bell tower in Sweida.

(29-9-2019) :  The first Maghout  theater festival in Hama.

(9-10-2019) :  Announcing the names of the winners of the competition for preserving Arab poetry in its third session.

(10-10-2019) :  Launching the celebration of Aleppo, the capital of the Syrian culture.

(13-10-2019) :  Five awards for two Syrian films at the Alexandria Film Festival.

(22-10-2019) :  The “Under the Sky of Damascus” festival kicks off with  handicrafts  and traditional exhibitions  in Khan Asaad Pasha.

(24-10-2019) :  after its closure for years, the National Museum of Aleppo opens its doors to visitors and archaeologists.

(26-10-2019) :  The theatrical artists union’s  festival in Lattakia begins its seventh session.

(26- 10-2019) : Two  prizes for two Syrian films at the Casablanca Arab Film Festival.

(5- 11-2019) :  The death of the plastic artist, Ali Sarmini, at the age of 76.

 (9-11-2019 ): Swieda   theater festival .

(12-11-2019) :  The death of the director and author Muhammad Qarasli due to a terminal illness.

(18-11-2019) :  The death  of  the plastic artist Aziz Ismail.

(18-11-2019) :  The Fourth Victory Forum for Basalt Sculpture is launched in Deir Al-Zour.

(20-11-2019) : the first session of the “Qadri Al-Omar” short story forum in Hama.

(24-11-2019) :  The Al-Hasaka Cultural Festival opens its activities with a  heritage exhibition  and a book fair. 

(24-11-2019) :  Announcing the names of the winners of literary competition awards.

( 25-11-2019) : A  fine artistic forum to commemorate  the late artist Ghazi Al-Khaldi.

(25-11-2019):  " Nahariy Bahri " film won the award for best direction  at the Moroccan Al Nour Film Festival.

(25-11-2019) :  The annual conference of the Arabic Language Academy at Al-Assad National Library.

(25-11-2019) :  The Ministry of Culture celebrates its founding anniversary   with various exhibitions and honors 13 creators.

(26-11-2019) :  Two awards for two Syrian films at the Casablanca Arab Film Festival.

(27-11-2019) :  Launching the National Film Library project.

(2- 12-2019) :  The Children's Book Exhibition opens its second session with the participation of 21 publishing houses.

(5- 12-2019) :  Syria wins the second and third places in the International Poetry Festival of Iran.

(15-12-2019) :  Announcing the names of the winners of the State Incentive Award.

(15-12-2019) :  Under the patronage of President Bashar al-Assad ,  a central celebration of the 50th  anniversary of the founding of the Arab Writers Union.

(16 – 12-2019) :  “Memory of Creativity” ... Syrian fine  Art Days for the year 2019 at Dar Al- Opera .

(17-12-2019) :  The Fall Exhibition of Syrian fine  Art 2019 surprises its visitors with quantity and quality.

 (18 – 12-2019) :  The second annual cultural conference , several  topics specializing in children's culture during the war.

 (21-12-2019) :  The completion of the emergency restoration of Zine El Abidine Palace in Inkhil.

 (26-12-2019) : Opening the Children's Theater Festival in Damascus and the governorates, with forty performances.

Rawaa Ghanam