A joint exhibition for the artists of Jableh

On the occasion of the Syrian Plastic Art Days, Amer Gallery for Fine Arts held an exhibition that included twenty-four artists who presented various works of paintings and colors alongside a group of wood carving works.

The artist Amer Ali, the founder of "Amer Gallery" mentioned that,

" Many of Jableh's artists participated in this ceremonial exhibition with the aim of introducing artists to each other, learning about their experiences and creating a stateĀ  familiarity. Through this exhibition, they emphasized the presence of creativity as a major actor in shaping Syria's creative memory".

The artist Ghazi Kassouh, member of the Executive office of the Fine Artists Union, said:

The artists participating in the Jableh exhibition presented beautiful and expressive artistic paintings, which have a beautiful peculiarity.

As for the sculptures, most of them are beautiful expressing the state of birth.. love.. giving.. flying and joy.

The sculptor Zuhair Khalifa said: The Syrian Memory of Creativity is a beautiful title for a movement whose importance lies in strengthening and cultivating a modest plastic culture, and strengthening this taste in plastic culture stems from the substitution of beauty and drawing attention to the habitat of beauty in the human soul.

Art is an elegant state that represents the memory of peoples, and today we are witnessing a wonderful cultural artistic case, and this artistic demonstration expresses a fine art culture and a distinguished case of the Syrian artist who has proven his presence on the artistic scene.