HE Dream".... a final Dream show on Opera House stage... A farewell 2019

Damascus Opera House hosted a Musical under the title “The Dream”, the theatrical show was inspired by Christmas and New Year's seasons and the connection of these two occasions among children with toys, gifts and fun.

The show was presented by a group of talented children from the Suriana Al Salam Academy designed by Diana Darwish, and directed by Weam El Khoss.

The show deals with the idea of celebrating festivities based on cartoon characters present in the collectivre memory of Syrian children. The show in its entirety relies on movement, music, acrobatics and dance.


Through their performance, which combines lightness and skillfulness in dancing, children were able to add a state of fun to the opera theater, which made the audience interact with the show. while the accompanying scenarios were distinguished by their colors, which were filled with joy and life and diversity.

A group of dancers participated in the show, namely Firas Bahlawan (Acrobat), Izzat Khalilu (folk dance), Diana Darwish and Nawras Othman (dance).

It is noteworthy that the Suryana Academy was established in 2017 and it works in training and developing youth dancers in modern and contemporary dance, ballet, acrobatics and acting performance and specialized in training gymnastics and her children won many gold medals in the championships that they participated in.



Lama Alhassanieh