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Memory of Syrian Creativity, plastic exhibition with various subjects and different schools

Lattakia,(ST)  - The group exhibition named “Syrian Memory of Creativity” included paintings and sculptures embodying various subjects, with the participation of 24 artists and sculptors, hosted by Amer Gallery of Fine Arts in Jableh. 

 The director of the hall, Amer Ali explained in a statement to SANA that the exhibition's topics were numerous and varied, indicating that he participated in a realistic expressive painting in acrylic colors entitled "Horse and Female" to emphasize femininity as a value and to rid the world of its brutality and restore its originality and humanity.

The plastic artist Yasser Skif, who participated in a painting representing the autumn season in the coast, said that this exhibition provides an opportunity to revitalize the atmosphere of culture in Jableh and become aware of the experiences of others.

While the artist, Njoud Asaeed, through her portrait, compared the martyr to the strength of the Syrian mother, her adherence to her country, and her ability to give and continue despite the father’s martyrdom.

The sculptor, Hassan Suleiman, participated in one realistic stone work entitled “The Dreamer", in which the female addressed, is a symbol of beauty and dreams. The sculptor Nizar Saud participated in a sculpted olive tree symbolizing mother Syria and reconstruction.

Raghda Sawas