Lattakia’s Second Cultural Festival Brings all Aspects of Syrian Culture Together

Various artistic activities, including literature, fine  art, cinema and theater, are held during  Lattakia’s   second cultural festival , which  kicked off on Thursday at  Dar Al-Assad for Culture in Latakia .

The opening ceremony of the festival, which is  held  under the patronage of  the Ministry of Culture, was characterized by  a dancing show  presented by the "Agartha" band  for theatre dancing , during which   some artists  presented a theatrical dialogue, that tells glimpses of the history of Lattakia through the ages , screening  a documentary film on  the most   prominent and pioneering personalities   of  Lattakia  including thinkers, writers, poets and artists.

Three exhibitions were opened within the festival's activities, which included fine art ,  sculpture and a book fair  in addition to an exhibition showcasing the children’s  drawings and hand made works of the Cultural Team for Building life skills in Lattakia.

The Governor of Latakia Ibrahim Khader Al-Salem  pointed out , in a speech he made in the opening ceremony that these cultural activities represent a clear evidence  to document the overwhelming victories realized by  the Syrian Arab Army  against terrorism and  culture is the living witness of Syria’s deep-rooted history and civilization   from which the first musical note and alphabet originated.

On her part , Assistant  Minister of Culture, Eng.  Sanaa Al-Shawa, indicated  in a statement to the Syriatimes e-newspaper that Lattakia’s  first cultural festival  constituted a pillar for holding  festivals in other Syrian provinces ,  so it was the Ministry’s early work to celebrate Syrian  culture with the aim of highlighting the fact that Syria is the home to the oldest and most advanced civilizations of the world and it enjoys long cultural history.

Mr. Majed sarem , Director of Culture in Lattakia stressed in a statement to the Syriatimes that the Ministry of culture is paying special attention to reactivate the culture movement  in all the Syrian provinces, highlighting the importance of such festivals as a cultural phenomenon that brought together all aspects of Syrian culture. 

On the sidelines of the cultural festivity “ Al-Kindi” cinema was re- opened   in Lattakia with the special screening of the feature film " the Blood of the Palm."

The cinema, which has been closed for six years, has been rehabilitated by the General Organization for Cinema and equipped with modern projectors equivalent to the most important international cinemas.

Culture Minister Mohammed Al-Ahmed said in a statement to Syriatimes “ Al-Kindi  Cinema is back to open its doors again to cinema lovers, especially that it is the only cinema  currently in Lattakia” , stressing that  the history of Al-Kindi cinema represents a deep memory and a special case of communication and lasting love.

On his part , Najdat Ismail Anzour, director of “ the Blood of  Palm, expressed his happiness at presenting the film for the first time in Latakia in conjunction with the opening of the Al-Kindi cinema  , stressing that the  audience  in Lattakia needs a cinema  through which  it can  see the distinguished Syrian cinematography, especially the works produced by the Ministry of Culture, which tried to create a cinematic memory of the war by producing many  films that highlight the  heroic and brave achievements  of the Syrian Arab Army  soldiers.

It is worth mentioning that a  number of  artists, writers, researchers, and thinkers  were honored in appreciation of their contribution to the Syrian culture.

Cultural and heritage symposiums , lectures, poetry evenings, cinematic and theatrical performances, artistic and folk parties, children and adolescents' activities, and interactive sessions are due to be held during the six-days cultural festivity which takes place in most of the cultural centers in Lattakia.


Interviewed by : Rawaa Ghanam

Photos by: Rawaa Ghanam