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The annual cultural conference, specialized subjects in the wartime culture of children

Damascus, (ST)  - The second annual cultural conference was devoted over two consecutive days to the culture of children in wartime amid the presence of a number of researchers and specialists in children's issues, where they raised many discussions and questions in order to address the effects of the terrorist war on Syria in the hearts of children.

The conference hosted by the Al-Assad National Library in which Dr. Issa Al-Shammas talked about the psychological effects of the war on Syrian children. Researcher Ilham Muhammad highlighted the mechanisms of working to bridge the gaps produced by the war within children's educational programs, especially a segment of whom the conditions of war forced them to stop studying.

The writer and researcher Nizar Najjar emphasized the role of cultural centers and popular cultural institutes in developing children's talents, while Dr. Hanan Nasrallah explained the role of early artistic experiences in refining the child's culture.
children's media and its goals, importance and educational impact on childhood, it was reported by the journalist, Hayam Al-Hamwi, while the writer Lina Kilani focused on the topic of writing for children their privacy, importance and who can play this role.
The Instructor Maha Arnouk reviewed the story directed for children as an educational and teaching means for developing the child's imagination. The plastic artist Geneh Al-Aseel reviewed the arts presented in children's books touched on its aesthetic goals and its educational importance in building the spiritual world of the child.

 Raghda Sawas