Symposium on the Damascene Letters

Damascus (ST): The Damascene Centre for Visual Arts in cooperation with Civil Syria Society held a symposium and a signing ceremony for the book titled "Damascene Letters" which includes the impressions of 21 political, cultural and media figures about the city of Damascus.

At the beginning of the symposium, head of Civil Syria Society Tareq al-Ahmad made a speech in which he talked about the Society which was founded in 2015 with the aim of confronting the devastating Takfiri thought and promoting affiliation to Syria.

Member of the politburo of the Lebanese al-Marada Current Vera Yamin talked about her contribution to the book in which she highlighted the crucial role played by the city of Damascus, noting that without this city, there is no genuine Arab identity and no Arabic language.


In his intervention, Faisal Jalloul said that the idea of the book emerged out of his great relationship with this city, pointing out that he and journalist Sami Clieb put the blueprint of the book, describing it as very interesting. He referred to the essential role played by intellectuals and writers in defending Syria in confrontation of the terrorist war.

In turn, Clieb said that writing a book about Damascus was part of the debt we owe to Syria which has been the warm lap that hosts Arab cultural and media figures from all Arab countries.

The event, which was attended by several ambassadors accredited in Damascus, some MPs and politicians, was concluded by the signing ceremony of the book.