Damascene Sword …. Symbol of Immunity, Bravery

DAMASCUS, (ST) - Damascus city had a great reputation in sword industry. The "Damascene Sword" was well- known and distinguishable from other swords. It was made of a high quality metal. The material from which the sword was made has remained a secret. Many attempts (including Europeans) were made to discover the components of this metal, but all of them failed.

Several stories were narrated about the Damascene Sword. One story says that the Damascene sword could cut steel materials. Another story says that a piece of silk was cut as it fell on its edge.

History Professor, Fayssal al-Abdullah, said that the industry of the Damascene sword dates back to the 8th century and that the legendary reputation of the Damascene sword was crystallized during the campaigns of Crusaders when the Europeans found themselves in front of soldiers who were able to defend their homeland with more developed and strong swords than the ones they had.

A monument of the Damascene sword has been erected at the Umayyad Square that signifies the strength and the immunity of the city and tells about the victories and achievements that the people had accomplished in the country.

Sh. Kh