GDAM to Prepare National Cadre to Preserve Syrian Artifacts

DAMASCUS, (ST) - Within the framework of its plan to prepare a national cadre to preserve and renovate Syrian antiquities and archeological findings, the General Directorate of Antiquities and Museums (GDAM) began to organize training courses for students of the Antiquities Department at the Antiquities and Museums Faculty of Damascus University.

The courses aim to provide students with the opportunity to practically take part in all activities relating to the renovation of archeological sites and artifacts in Syria.

This is the first time the GDAM carries out such an activity which guarantees fruitful cooperation between the Ministry of Culture and Damascus University, said Director of the Laboratories at the GDAM Kumait Abdullah in a statement to SANA. He stressed that the courses are open for all the students of Antiquities Department.

Ghazwan Moustafa Yaghi, Director of the Intermediate Institute for Antiquities and Museums affirmed that cooperation between the Culture Ministry and Damascus University aims to "enhance the skills of our students in discovering, renovating and maintaining our artifacts."

Mahmoud Assayed, a GDAM expert, said "building a distinguished national cadre capable of accurately studying our antiquities so we will be no longer dependent on foreign archeological mission in studying our archeological findings, is the main objective of the courses."

H. Mustafa