Exhibitions, art shows and seminars at "Ugarit Motherland" Festival

Lattakia, (IST) - Inspired by its civilization, the festival “Ugarit Motherland”, organized by the Friends of Ugarit Association in cooperation with the Ministry of Culture at the National Museum, is rich in cultural events such as art exhibitions, theatrical, cinema and musical performances in addition to intellectual seminars.

The festival's supervisor, Saja Korkmaz, explained to SANA that the festival presents Ugarit “as a theatrical, artistic, diverse, mythological and economical situation through which we try to acquire general features of this civilization including culture, art, features and legends to provide good cultural material to our audience.

Chairman of Ugarit Friends Association music researcher Ziad Al-Ajan pointed out that the association was founded in 2007 with the aim of introducing theUgarit civilization and heritage through cultural, intellectual and social activities and highlighting its leading role in human civilization.

Director of Culture Majd Sarim said that the Ugarit civilization, which has been in history for thousands of years and despite all the wars, is still alive.

The festival which extends over five days, includes an art exhibition for oil and light photography and sculpture works by a number of artists, including Nizar Sabour, Mustafa Ali, Ali Makous, Samoukan, Mohammed Baajano, Nizar Ali Badr, Haytham Shakour, Egyptian Monzer, Hishon, Paul Sarko, Lina Deeb, Rania Kerbaj, Hassan Halabi and Jaber Asaad. In addition to Qais Mehjazi, Sari Haddad, Munir Kabbas and Abdou Anabia.

The festival also witnesses a theatrical show of a message of peace, prepared and directed by Louay Jamil Shanna, in addition to lectures by researchers on Ugarit that shed light on some aspects of Ugaritic civilization such as temples and the iconic history of the goddess Ishtar and women to the kingdom of Ugarit at Ras Shamra.

Raghda Sawas.