"Syria and the Press during a Century"… Documentary exhibition in Sweida

Sweida, (ST)- An exhibition of more than one hundred newspapers documented the  rich history of events in Syria opened in the Arab Cultural Center in the city of Sweida entitled (Syria and the Press during a Century).

The exhibition will last for a week and it is prepared by journalist Riad Naim. It includes old copies of many newspapers that highlight the most important stages in the history of Syria, its national stances and role in supporting the Arab national issues, especially the Palestinian one. In this exhibition Naim also documented the October liberation war and the victories achieved by Syria in the war on terrorism and its supporters.

While attending the opening of the exhibition, Assistant Minister of Information Ahmed Dawa affirmed the ministry's encouragement of this kind of exhibitions because of its importance in documenting the history of the homeland and transmitting it to the future generations.

 The Head of the Branch of the Union of Journalists in the southern region, Rafik al-Kafiri, pointed out that the exhibition is a chronicle of the period of Syrian history that started from 1923 to the present through a series of newspapers and documents of historical stages and important events. This confirms the importance of the written press as a historical and media document that is characterized by its duration and continuity.

Many visitors considered that the exhibition is a base that can be used to communicate between the past, present and future. It is also a documentary archive for that stage of Syria's history in all its events.

The opening of the exhibition was attended by Chairman of the Sweida Governorate Council and, and many cultural, intellectual, and media personalities.