Yolland" First Annual Piano concert"

The Directorate of Culture in Lattakia hosted the first annual ceremony (Yolland) for the piano students under the supervision of maestro Mohammed Farhat.

 Director of the Culture Directorate in Lattakia, Mr. Majd Sarem, Mrs. Nisreen Hamdan, Director of Music and Ballet Institutes in Syria and Miss. Shaza Mohammed, Director of Mahmoud Al-Ajan Institute of Music in Lattakia attended the ceremony.

The event was opened by a piece of music for the Do Re Mi Fa Sol group, the stars of Arab Gate Talent followed by 27 solo pianists who presented musicals ranging from Modern to Classic and Romance. The ages of the participants were between 8 and 22 years.

Highlighting this important music event, the Syria Times e-newspaper met maestro Mohamed Farhat who said: " Our country is now in a state of reconstruction and one of the most important things that must be rebuilt is man  and  music is the most important tool in the human reconstruction due to its cultural and awareness-raising role in society since  many international scientific studies stressed that the majority of musicians tend to be effective and giving in their communities, so I believe that teaching children music at an early age is very important."

He went on to say: "I believe that music has become a need and not just a hobby, hence it is very important to hold such cultural evenings (piano solo), which is one of the most prestigious concerts in Western societies."

"This concert is the result of more than six years of  continuous work with our students in  the institute. Every year  this time we will be on a date with an annual concert highlighting our talented students, pointing out that as part of the Ministry of Culture's plan to promote classical music, admission tests will be conducted to join the classical orchestra at the Mahmoud Al-Ajan Institute for Music.

At the end of the ceremony, the participants received certificates of participation and the student Tala Zreika received the special award presented by Gemini Active Studio, which is a shooting of video clip of the piece of music she played on the stage.


Interviewed by Amal Farhat

Photos by Amal Farhat