Damascene traditional handicraft is a magic made by creative Hands

Damascus is famous in its traditional handicrafts which are characterized by quality, perfection and beauty. The most important of handicrafts are pottery, glass industries, painting on glass, Arabesque design ornaments, porcelain and wood such as Ajami, in addition to mosaic, copper, marble works and stone and glass mosaics.

In a lecture on "Damascene Heritage Industries" delivered at the Cultural Center in Abu Rumana last week, Arfat Ota Bashi ,the most exalted Skillman "Sheikh al- Kar" said that the painting on wood or Al-Ajami reflects the talents of Damascene craftsmen and show their good taste and professionalism in this local industry.

 Ota Bashi said that the Damascenes excelled in these crafts throughout the ages, reviewing the history of each craft.

He underline the importance of the handicrafts markets as Tekkyeh Sulaimaniya , which is a historical and  located in the center of Damascus where antiques including frescoes, copper ,leather works, mosaic paintings, and agbani are made.

He focused on importance of maintaining these markets for Arab and foreign visitors to get acquainted with Syrian crafts, highlighting the urgency of holding training courses on traditional crafts in order to preserve them.


Interviewed by:

Nada Haj Khidr