The 19th Music Culture Festival kicked off in Homs

Homs,(ST)-The activities of the 19th Music Culture Festival started yesterday evening on the stage of Dar Al Thaqafa Theater.

 Homs Governor Talal al-Barazi spoke about the significance of this festival as Homs has become a historical dimension of Syrian culture, stressing that Homs deserves to be the capital of culture thanks to its cultural, literary, musical, theater and poetic heritage.

 He pointed out that last year the stage of the House of Culture in Homs hosted about 180 artistic and literary events, which urges all of us to preserve this cultural heritage, considering that music is the language of the world that reflects advanced civilized society.

A short film about singer Marwan Salem and musician Abdul Rahim Derby was screened during the opening ceremony. The celebration also included a concert by a group of singers.

It is worth mentioning that the awards of this year's festival were designed by the sculptor Iyad Bilal. The festival will last until the 6th of November.

Amal Farhat- Homs