"Qamar Mousa" novel a transparent love story by Syrian writer Ghunwa Fidda

Love, hope and feminine passion are the core of a newly issued novel titled "Qamar Mousa” by Syrian writer Ghunwa Fidda.  The novel tells a love story between a woman (Qamar) and a disabled fine artist (Mousa) in an attractive narrative style.

The novel, published by al-Ghanem for Culture publishing House, is Fidda’s first literary production. It focuses on the cultural and social dimension of women’s personality.

The heroine, Qamar, is an educated woman with knowledge of Arab and foreign cultures. She has enough background of knowledge that enables her to play the role of an enlightened intellectual and a reformative person in the society which she wants to be overwhelmed by love and amity and positivity.

 The woman in Fidda’s novel is attracted only to the personality of educated men.

The novel's events show that Qamar falls in love with Mousa, who, because of his disability, isolates himself and stays at home. Qamar, as an educated woman, works to help him get out of his isolation. She takes him to the sea so that he can feel free and optimistic. She also keeps encouraging him to boost his talent through drawing more pictures that depict the beauty around him.

In her 182-page novel, Fidda fights surrender to poverty and highlights woman 's strong determination to achieve her goals.

As events continue, the second hero, Mousa, finds himself forced because of social circumstances to travel to where his brother stays abroad.  But fortunately, this move forms a turning point in Mousa's life because he recovers and becomes able to stand again and make it on his own.    

However, Mousa's absence makes Qamar suffer a bad psychological situation that leads her to be a victim of a car accident in which she becomes also disabled like Mousa, yet Qamar keeps her love promise and accepts her fate.

When Mousa returns home in a good health condition, he saw what happened to his beloved and decided to play the same role played by her when he was disabled.

 Mousa's love to Qamar gave him the power to help her. In one of the scenes, he carries Qamar and takes her to the sea, the place where she used to take him every day in the past, trying to express his deep love to her and to restore the warmth and vividness of their relationship.

Hamda Mustafa