Exhibition of Ornina Artists in Tartous on the occasion of "Non Violence Day"

The Ornina Artists' Group adopted an innovative style in their paintings which were recently exhibited at the “Old Tartous Gallary”. The exhibition is under the supervision of the Head of "the Ornina Group", the artist George Chamoun and the artist Samaher Dalla. It was held on the occasion of the World Day of “Nonviolence” under the patronage of "Al Adiyat Association" in Tartous .

24 artists from Tartous  participated in the exhibition. Their paintings are close to those of children because they express the feelings of children afflicted in this brutal war on Syria.

The artist Shamoun said: We intend to convey the suffering of Syrians especially children during the eight years of this terrible war. In our work we relied on the Syrian Expressive School because we are the sons of the civilization of stone where we transferred the alphabet with clay and stone.

Dr. Lubna Ali, one of the participants in the exhibition, said: The exhibition was held on the occasion of the day of non-violence, so we tried to approach the sensation of the child during the war which was launched against Syria. I participated in two paintings based on children's drawings and then I turned them into plastic paintings. The first is about a girl who holds her toys standing next to a wall with a big hole. The second painting is about a child drawing a school bus bombing and how much he feels sad.

The exhibition attracted the visitors because all the paintings were characterized by innovation and diversity.


Lama Razzok

Edited by: Maysa.Wassouf