(Words and Music) a collection of stories translated from Russian

Damascus, ST- Words and Music, a collection of Russian stories by Roman Mikhnikov.  The main subject of most of these stories is music , thus most of its heroes are musicians.

The 159-page collection issued by the Syrian General Book Establishment , is translated into Arabic by Dr. Farid Hatem al-Shahaf . He translated  this collection in an interesting way while preserving the foreign environment in which the events took place.

It is noteworthy that Mikhankov is a director and composer who won many international awards. He wrote many famous books (cat arrival) and (Prometheus clock) , he also directed many plays and movies.

Dr. Al-Shahaf is a Syrian translator who has written a number of works and translated  works of many Russian writers as  Dostoevsky and Natalia Farinik. 

 Creative children inaugurate a cultural week for the Damascus branch of the Writers Union

Damascus, ST- The Damascus branch of the Arab Writers Union has chosen to open its cultural week (from evening to sunrise) with an activity by creative children  in the field of music, singing, writing poetry, story and thought.

On the occasion of the 50th anniversary which marks the founding of the Writers Union, the head of the Damascus book branch Mohammed Hourani said: "We wanted to open this week with an activity  entitled (childhood guitar.. youth of tomorrow) in the belief that children are   the builders and writers  of the future. This event comes in conjunction with the  victories of our army.  The drawing exhibition lasts for a week and  will be among the activities of this event."

The creative child Shahid al-Saidi reads  two poems entitled (eagles of the earth) and (the secret of hope) by  which she expressed the sacrifices of the Syrian Arab Army in defense of the homeland.

The child Mohammad Arida also participates in a  poem of the martyrs of Syria , expressing his pride in the victories they achieved during their battles against terrorism.