Mandala art through the eyes of a Communication Engineering Students

Rawa Kakhia, a student of Communication Engineering Department at Al-Baath University, made several colored decorative paintings in an elaborative artistic way using Mandala art.

The earliest evidence of Buddhist mandala art dates to the first century B.C. Although rooted in Buddhism, mandalas later became present in Hinduism, New Age Spirituality, and other religious practices like metaphysics.

 Kakhia drawings used Mandala art techniques, which was invented by ancient Indians, and is currently attracting many young artists in Syria. It creates paintings that approach complex art by mixing colors in a geometric way in which the circles clash with the squares to produce very creative paintings.

Kakhia explained, in an interview with SANA, that the art of Mandala, which means a circle or disc, is spread all over the world, " Mandela is a form of overlapping circles drawn in geometrical ways that our ancestors  were using as a spiritual remedy to relieve stress.

She noted that Mandala is a wonderful artistic capacity and you can hold these drawings on walls, manuscripts, stones and wood.

She started Mandala art work five years ago using a feather in her drawing. Then she began drawing using a pen, ruler or a caliper where overlapping and symmetrical circles and squares emerge to give a different artistic painting.