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A Cultural Story in Damascus

Performances  of the Syrian heritage at the Tishreen Park Theater within the Festival (Under Damascus Sky)

 Damascus, ST- Al-Mohra Group for Dance Theater  presented yesterday evening  many performances  of  the Syrian heritage at the official opening ceremony of the festival entitled  “Under Damascus Sky for Folk Arts and Open Air Shows”, at Tishreen Garden Theater. The activities of this festival will run until next Saturday.

 In the opening speech, the Assistant Minister of Culture Tawfiq Al-Imam stressed that heritage is the civilized identity left by our  ancestors to the  society. By heritage, contemporary generations maintain their independent identity among the peoples of the world. Heritage has a significant role  in building the cultural memory of society as a whole.

Al-Imam  pointed out that the purpose of such  festivals  is to  introduce the society to the heritage of the homeland. He also stressed that the Ministry of Culture has always strived to pay attention to Syria's  heritage and work to develop its  various arts.

The festival will witnessed today the launch of the activity of the “Decorating  of  Jisr al- Raees” and “Carving the Trees at the National Museum Square”. In addition, students of the Solhi al-Wadi  Institute will present a concert in Al-Mansheya Park as well as traditional dance performances by Omayyah  and Dara groups for Folk Arts . The film 

Electronic jazz music presented by Syrian and Western musicians  in Dar al-Assad

Damascus, ST- Electronic jazz is one of the newest musical styles that first appeared in the West in the nineties of the last century . It  spread globally and blended with other forms such as" funk" , type of Afro-American music.

In an effort to introduce the Syrian audience  to this style of modern music, a group of students from the Higher Institute of Music, calling themselves the “PPM” group, presented an  Jazz evening  which  was a mix  between technology  and western music. 

The evening which is hosted by Dar Al-Assad for Culture and Arts, included musicians Dalama Shehab “Trumpet and Saxophone”, Mahmoud Mohammed “Electronic Guitar”, Fares Al-Dahan “Dram Machine and Drams” and Narik Abbagian “Keyboard”.

The members of the group aim to keep abreast with developments in the field of music in the world by introducing new musical ideas by using modern electronic musical instruments.