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Presentations of Syrian and Cuban folklore in Damascus on the occasion of the Culture Day in Cuba

Damascus, ST- In celebration of the Culture Day in Cuba and the 54th anniversary of the establishment of Syrian-Cuban relations, the Embassy of the Republic of Cuba in Damascus, in cooperation with the Ministries of Culture of the two countries, held an artistic cultural evening including musical and dance performances from both countries at the Opera House Theater in Damascus. The event is entitled "Cuba and Syria is also united by culture".

Cuba's Ambassador to Damascus Miguel Borio Parga said: “For 39 years, Cubans have celebrated Culture Day, the birth of the national anthem and independence, noting that Cuba will not abandon its principles of standing by Syria and the Palestinian cause.

Parga added that what distinguishes today's show is that it was done by young Syrian singers and dancers who presented Cuban folklore in order to emphasize that civilizations and cultures are intermingled.

Thana Shawa, Deputy Minister of Culture explained in a speech that Havana is a meeting place of intellectuals for decades. "The meeting between Syria and Cuba is not a coincidence, for the Cuban literature intersects with Syrian one, we are united in the arts fields and many poets became ambassadors in Cuba", Shawa added.