National plan for translating books into nine languages

The Syrian Book General Commission announced in a press conference held on Monday the commencement   of the national plan for translation.

The four-year plan mainly aims to disseminate culture of reading and develop awareness towards enhancing national belonging and adherence to identity as well as openness to other cultures.

The aforementioned goals could be realized through encouraging high-quality translation into nine languages within an integrated national system and providing  Arab library with original books of different cultures.

The plan, which also focuses on translating the Syrian Arab intellectuals' masterpieces into nine languages, seeks to document national efforts in the field of translation and post bulletins on the plan on internet to be available to all readers.

Workshops and conferences on translation are also to be mounted to boost the plan.

All types of books

Culture Minister, Lubana Mushawih, sees that the plan would help have a good store of literature and art translated into Arabic language to build knowledge society.

She told reporters that would-be translated books are to be selected by four specialized committees under accredited standards.

"Within the plan, books of literature, art, sociology, philosophy, management and Information Technology are to be translated, and six translated books on Greek philosophers are to be re-printed," the minister said.

She hopes that all parties interested in cultural sector in Damascus University, Arabization center and Arab Writers Union to present proposals to develop the plan.

Approval received

The Commission's Director General clarified that the plan was prepared in four months and the committees contain advisors on nine languages – Dutch, English, French, Italian, Polish, Turkish, Russian, Spanish, and Persian.

Waddah al-Khatib added that the Damascus-based commission has got approval for translating the selected books from publishing houses.

In all, this plan would provide readers, who would evaluate it later, with full idea about western culture in all aspects.

Basma Qaddour